Travel sized Products 😊

Hi friends how are you all? Hope you are well. Today I will blog to you something important. Today's blogpost is about Travel sized products. How many times do you find that some essential products you want to take with you on your travels, are not portable or convenient? Or sometimes it is not within a specific amount, e.g 100ml or less and the airport ends up disposing it? Many a times, I guess... πŸ˜”
When it comes to travelling light, we most often want to take everything with us, and it's often the big bulky things! But help is at hand! There are some travel size/ travel friendly health & beauty items that are sized to go, so when we can't take our big items, we can always take these small handy sized items instead! πŸ€—
Here are some of my handy products that I like to take with me on my travels. They are so convenient, especially when I usually go on short or weekend breaks anywhere. Check out my items below! πŸ‘‡

☆ Mini Baby Oil   ☆ Hand Gel  ☆ Garnier mini size Mice…

Primark Top 5 Products

Hello my dear friends how are you all? hope you are keeping well. The signs of Autumn are starting to  kick in, with cold wet weather often dampening our days, and the days becoming short of daylight hours. A slight chill in the air, makes me want to wrap up warm! 😊 Soon the clocks will be ticking back an hour, with the days shortening and darkness comes early. Not to mention Halloween around the corner! πŸ˜‰
Anyways i'm back today with a special post on my top 5 products. These are products that I purchased to try and review from one retailer and rate the top 5 items that are recommended to buy from that particular retailer. So for this I chose Primark as the retailer and their 5 top products that I approve of in my opinion. So without delay let's start! πŸ–’

Top 5 Products 

1. Skin Tonic 200ml for £2.00
2. Scandal Body Mist 150ml for £3.00
3. P.S Water Primer spray 150ml for £2.00
4. P.S Make up Blending Brush for £2.00
5. P.S Sleek & Smooth Coconut & Argan Hair Serum 75…

L.A Girl Make up Review

Hi friends how are you all?? Hope you are doing well. I have been so busy over the summer holidays, that I havn't had time to blog much. I have been upto so many things, did so much travelling and shopping, going places, etc. Literally it's so exhausting! 😧
I have a lot of catching up to do right now, so do excuse some of my posts, as I am trying to backdate as many events as possible! πŸ˜„
Anyways back to the blog. Today's post will be about L.A Girl cosmetics.

L.A Girl cosmetics have become a recent obsession for me. Over the summer period during my travels to various places, I have got quite a few L.A. Girl cosmetics. After trying and using these products, i have developed a liking for this brand that I actually have a small collection now! πŸ˜„ L.A Girl cosmetics have been around for some length of time, it just happens that I discovered them recently.
For me L.A Girl cosmetics cannot be found locally, so either I order them online from Beauty retailers or go physically t…

Family seaside trip to Bournemouth, Uk. 22nd August 2017

Hello dear readers, how are you all? Hope you are well. It's back to school for most kids and i'm already feeling the mad rush! πŸ˜„ My kids have settled down well in their new classes, so that's a relief! πŸ˜₯ As I said before that the summer holidays will fly by, it sure did!                             But i'm content with the precious time I got to spend with my friends & families. I actually felt like I did alot, as I was out & about, travelling to places, stayed home, did things with my kids, spent time with family etc etc. So i'm glad I made the most of it as I certainly can't go back on those moments now... πŸ˜‰
Anyways, i'm back again. Today's blog is about our family trip to Bournemouth Seaside ⛱ This holiday, I managed to go to 2 seasides. The other one I went to was Clacton on sea. This was the one I went to on the 1st of August with a community group. But don't worry I will fill you on that trip too! The Bournemouth trip is the one I …

A Little Treat 😊

Hello friends how are you all? Hope you are keeping well. The Summer holidays are coming to an end, and although so much has been happening, yet feels like I did nothing! πŸ˜• It's a shame the holidays finish so quickly, 6 weeks is a long time, but it goes past before you even know it!
Anyways i'm back today with a new post. As the title suggests, I treated myself. I know I always end up treating myself when i go for my crazy hauls, but this time i treated myself for myself, having pity on me lol πŸ˜„
So here are the products that i got for my treat....

☆ Beauty Blender Sponge
☆ Refresher Bath/Shower Jelly
☆ Bath Bomb
☆ Peach Luxury Soaps 2pack
☆ Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC Premiere EDP

Whenever I walk past Lush, there is such a strong scent of mixed perfumes coming from the shop. The smells just tempt you to visit the shop and you end up having to buy something or another! 😍 And because I was treating myself, so thought why not?! I bought the Redresher bath/shower jelly. The …

Beauty Queen Cosmetics Store Haul

Hello my dear readers, how are you all? Hope you are well & enjoying the summer holidays. Sorry I havn't been active much. Since the start of the holidays, I have been very busy with my family, going places, shopping, having friends & family over etc etc. I am sooo far behind with my blog posts, I really need to catch up! πŸ˜‰
Today i will share my last travel haul with you. Round about 2 weeks ago I went to Bedford to visit their town shopping centre. It's called Harpur Centre, Bedford. It's not that far away like about 20 miles drive from where i live. I have been there a few times before, but that was like for a short period of time.
Bedford is a nice place with a few old historical buildings, and of course the beautiful River Ouse which runs through the heart of the town 😍 The Harpur centre is a medium sized shopping centre with shops both on the inside & on the outside. It has car parking facilities & a good deal of big brand shops. But the most excitem…

Product Empties! πŸ€‘

Hi friends how are you all? Hope you are well 😊 Today's blogpost is something different. Usually I review products and show you my hauls. But today, I will show you my Empty products, that I have finished up! πŸ€—

Here are the products: 
• They're real Mascara from Benefit. Travel size. Was purchased from Boots with 2 other travel size products as part of 3 for £20 offer. 
• Sunflowers perfume edt by Elizabeth Arden. From TK Maxx. £6.99 30ml
• Veet hair removal cream. 25g From Sam 99 stores. Part of 2 for £1.00 offer. 
• HypnosΓ¨  volume Mascara by Lančome. £12 from TK Maxx.
• Blistex lip conditioner lip balm. £2.99 from Tesco. 
• Wonderblur Skin smoothing balm by Bodyshop. 30ml £6.00 from TK Maxx. 
• Vichy IdealiΓ  smoothing & illuminating cream 3ml. Trial size sample. Free. From Boots
• Vichy Liftactiv supreme Anti wrinkle cream. 3ml trial size sample. Free. From Boots. 
As you can see from the product description, there are 2…