Sunday, 18 June 2017

Summer Skincare Routine!

Hello my loves! How are you all? Hope you are well and enjoying the very warm weather of late! It's a scorcher of a weather, so don't forget to take care in the sun! 🌞
Sorry about lack of posts. The last one was about Ramadan, and during this time muslims are busy fasting & praying. Not to mention busy preparing food! Lol 😄 But i'm back now and have an exciting post to share with you all!

Today's post is about my Summer skincare routine! The weather is convinient for my post and all the products related are beneficial to everyone. So without further ado, i will start now! 😄

In the summertime, our bodies lose alot of moisture, which is why we should keep it well moisturised and hydrated. Following a good regime can help keep our skin & bodies looking it's best. But often we need help and guidance as to what is compatible with our skin and what can do more harm than good. So i'm here to help you and hope to give you some advice so that maybe i might set a trend somewhere or just help you make a good choice 😂

As you can see in the photo there are many products that i like to use particularly in the summertime as it helps keep my skin comfortable. Maybe you own some of these products, or are thinking of using? Either way sometimes suggestions of others can make us aware what may or may not be good for us.

Ok so the products here are:

• Maybelline 24 hour make up setting spray.
• Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel.
• Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb moisturising cream.

For those make up lovers, keeping your make up on all day especially in the summer can sometimes be a struggle! But a good make up setting spray with great staying power is just what you need!
Aloe Vera Gel is a god send product especially in summers! We tend to over stay in the sun and forget the dangers of the sun rays so don't forget that sun protection is most important when enjoying lovely weather. Aloe vera is a natural product that has many beneficial properties, so applying it to your skin will do wonders!
When it comes to moisturising our face, i like to use one with some SPF (sun protection factor) in it. The sunny weather is enjoyable but we mustn't forget to take care of our skin. Moisturisers that already contain spfs are worth it and more easier to apply rather than to apply sunscreen first then a good moisturiser. So do yourself a favour, and save your skin and the hassle! 😄

• L'Oreal Skin Perfection Soothing Gel-Cream Wash.
• Sunny Day Thermal Spray Mist.
• Lacura Spray on Moisturiser.

In the summertime, I find my skin is more dry than in winter. So I take care to wash my face with a good moisturising face wash. This L'Oreal soothing gel cream wash is rich in moisturisers. It doesn't dry my skin out, caring for it and soothing at the same time. So a good face wash like this would be good for the summer.
Keeping hydrated in the heat can often be tough. But keeping a can of Thermal Spray mist handy needn't be a problem anymore! Just spray and go! 😄
In the summer, oils and creams sometimes feel heavy and sticky on our skin. Using a light moisturiser like Lacura Spray On moisturiser will help moisturise your skin without the heavy or sticky feeling. I love this because it smells so delicious like chocolate! 🍫

• Hawaiian Tropic Protective Sun Lotion 30spf
• L'Oreal  Studio Pro Lock it Hair spray.
• Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun lotion.

The sun can have relaxing yet stressful properties on our skin. Making sure we're protected in the sun should be a top priority. Before venturing out in the sun, make sure you apply a good high factor sun lotion. This is to ensure your skins safety. The higher the factor number the more protection you will acquire. Don't forget to reapply after water exposure or if you want to top up on application.
Our hair can get dry or frizzy in the heat. I like to use a good hair spray to hold my hairstyle in place. This helps me to keep in form 🤗
Aswell as the importance of using a good sun lotion, sometimes we can get sun burnt because we like to stay out in the sun more  because it makes us feel good. But getting burnt in the sun is no fun! So to cool & soothe the skin, help is at hand! After sun lotions can help to heal sun burn aswell as cool and relieve the burning sensation. So it's good to get an after sun lotion aswell. But Aloe Vera gel is also a good alternative should you run out of after sun lotion 🖒

Lastly are these products:

• Batiste Dry Shampoo
• Johnson's Baby bedtime oil.
• Dove Deodorant spray.

My hair gets dry and crispy and feels awkward in the heat due to the sun. Washing your hair may sometimes be a doddle when your on the go. I like to use Batiste dry shampoo to refresh and revive my hair in between washes. It's handy and does the job, so no complaints there! 😚
No doubt that whenever we have hot weather, sleeping well will certainly not come easy! To help me relax after taking a cool shower, i pat some of the baby bedtime oil on my body which gently helps me unwind and drift off to sleep. Formulated with lavender & chamomile extracts, it's a sure hit with me to sleeping easy! 🤗
One item that is an absolutely must for me is Deodorant! Yes, yes yes! Without a doubt, deodorant in the hot weather has got to be the most important in my summer skincare! When your sweating away, the last thing you need is people commenting on your personal hygiene! It's not nice trust me, and that's definately not what you want people to know about aswell! So deodorant whether solid stick, roll on or even spray is all good to help keep you smelling sweet & fresh! 🖒

So friends, that is my Summer care routine! These are my favourite items to use that help me get though summer. Do you use any of these or are thinking to invest in? I have given you my opinion, so maybe you might want to try them out?

Do let me know your comments below to let me know how you get on with them. See you all again soon!

So until next time, take care & stay beautiful! 😘💖🖒 xXXx

Friday, 2 June 2017

Happy Ramadan 2017

Hello loves, how are you all? Hope you are well. First let me wish you all a very Happy Ramadan, to all those that celebrate! 😊
Since the start of ramadan I have been feeling quite busy aswell as lazy, so appologies on my behalf for being inactive.
I have so many back-dated posts to put up but due to religious and other commitments have been unable to do so. So on that i really do appologise & hope to keep in touch with you all 😘
Currently I am putting a few things together to blog about so hoping to put up a few posts soon! 🖒

So here's wishing a very happy Ramadan to all those that celebrate. May you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous Ramadan 😊
And to the rest of us folks, hope you all stay happy & blessed!

See you all again soon. Until next time, take care & stay beautiful! 😗❤🖒 xXxxXx

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Mini haul pt 2

Hi friends, how are you all? Hope you are all well & enjoying the recent warm weather. At times it feels like a right scorcher! 🌞 Im back today with part 2 of my recent mini haul. Had quite a few products to review, so couldn't give the low down altogether! So I shall carry on now lol 😝

As you can see from my photo, there's a few items that i got from ebay that i want to review aswell.  Here are the items that i got: 

● Montagne Jeunesse Candyfloss scrub Face mask. 90p from Primark.
● Insette twin pack shower & shave mini cans. 49p from Bodycare.
● EOS Cherry Hand & body lotion. £2.99 from TK Maxx. 
● Berry Bliss mini perfume £2.00 from Primark.
● Beautiful mini perfume £2.00 from Primark.
●Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid matte lipstick from Ebay £3.99 shade# Vamp
● Mini flat Kabuki Brush £1.59 from Ebay.

Face masks are a fun and refreshing way of pampering your skin. I really like these montagne jeunesse face masks that come in so many cute varieties, you really wouldn't be bored of the same face mask! 😏
This cherry scented hand & body lotion by EOS is very nice. It's nice and creamy aswell as being hydrating at the same time. Comes in a handy little bottle so you can take it anyplace, anywhere with you. 

These 2 perfumes I got from Primark, what can i say? Firstly they smell lovely and at £2.00 a bottle i thought it was pretty awesome! 😍 They have a strong scent and it is a small handbag size, ideal for on the go! 
The Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid lipstick I got from Ebay, was a great bargain for me! It was an original product at a bargain price of £3.99! The color Vamp is a very popular color and its a deep reddish brown color. Anastasia brand has become well known in the beauty industry, but being an american company, is not readily available everywhere in the UK. So to buy an original product at an amazing price, really has got to be awesome! 🤗

And lastly The flat kabuki brush I got from Ebay for £1.59 was a total steal! The soft bristles make make up application easy and the chubby handle is easy to grip and hold. The pretty pink color handle made me want to own this brush sooner, so i ordered it from ebay and couldn't wait for it to arrive!
The twin pack of shower & shave is from Bodycare. It's a twinpack consisting of 1 shaving Foam & 1 shower mousse. These travel size cans are ideal when away on holiday to keep you fresh & looking tip top! Fantastic for 49p! 🤗

So guys that was my mini haul. Some great purchases made here, im very happy! 

Do you own any of these? Whats your thought on these? Let's hear from you guys! Keep in touch! 

Until next time, take care & stay beautiful! 😙🖒 xXx

Monday, 15 May 2017

Mini Haul April 2017

Hello my lovelies! Hope you are all well. Appologies again for missing. Was in a bit of a blunder! 😰 My mobile phone was in a state of mess. Had to get my nephew to fix up my phone, and many thanks to him for fixing it! 😙 Also got myself a new Kitten. She is just gorgeous! 😍 We name her Milly. She looks like a bengal cross. At the moment she is around 11 weeks old and soo adorable! 🐱 My family love her to bits & she also loves us back! I will introduce her to you on my next post. So look out for that! 😘

Anyways back to my blog. Because my phone was poorly, I havn't been able to edit my photos or do my blog. As I usually do this on my mobile. And to be honest, my mobile has taken over my life, literally! 😂 And i'm very sure we can ALL relate to this! 😝 Ok, so back to my post, today I will share a mini haul with you. Have picked up a few interesting items to review. Below is the items that i got:

♤ Bourjois Silk Edition Powder Compact £8.99 from Sainburys.
♡ Essie Nail Polish in shade# On a Silver Platter £3.99 from TK MAXX
♢ Miss Sporty 10 hour Concealer shade# medium from Boots £2.99
♧ Mac Retro Matte Liquid lipcolor in shade # Topped withBrandy - gifted to me.
□ PS matte liquid foundation in shade #warm beige £3.00 from Primark.
☆ Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid lipstick in shade # Stripped - gifted to me.
¤ Orlando Pita Argan hair rejuvanating oil £4.99 from TK Maxx.

So as you can see there are 7 items, but two were gifted to me by my niece, so the price of these two items are unknown.

The Hair rejuvanating oil I got from TK Maxx is very good. It's a treatment oil especially for dry brittle hair. Enriched with Argan oil, it deeply nourishes your hair, giving it bounce and vitality. Leaves hair with a lustrous shine. Great for anyone with dry hair problems 😊
Primark actually do some quite decent make up now. I have bought some stuff from them and must say its not too bad at all! The price is also good, meaning it's suited for all budget types. The quality & consistency is just as good as drugstore brands. There is a whole range of make up items from Mascaras, Lipsticks, Eye/lip pencils, & eyeshadows to foundation too! 😊 This foundation that I got is of decent quality. It gives a matte finish and has medium coverage. Lasts most of the day and is quite long wearing. The foundation is light weight and feels fresh without clogging pores. I really like this foundation, it leaves a nice finish on my skin & is easily blendable, so a thumbs up to primark! 🖒

This Essie nail polish is very pretty! It was £3.99 from TK Maxx and i got it because it looks pretty. These nail polishes retail for about £7-9 in some shops, so to buy at £3.99 was quite a bargain! It's like a clear nail polish, but has gold glitter & blue speckled glitter to give it a 'bling bling' look! 😘

The Bourjois powder compact is one of my faves. I bought this a while ago and needed a new compact so bought this one again. I really like this as it has a stylish design to it. Looks like a purse/cardholder. When you open up the compact the lid swivels round, so you can have a bit of a play around with it. The powder itself contains silk extracts, and leaves your skin smooth & even.
When Concealers are concerned, not all of them do a good job. But this is very good. This perfect stay concealer by Miss Sporty is a great buy at £2.99. It's richly pigmented creamy formula blends effortlessly & has super staying power. Lasts 10 hours and covers & conceals perfectly! It's almost a dupe of Maybelline fit me concealer. I really like this concealer as it does a good job aswell as affordable too! 😙

And lastly these two liquid lipsticks. These as I said before were gifted to me by my niece. My oh my! What lovely shades they are! 😍 Firstly these 2 brands are new to my make up hoard collection & secondly I LOVE THEM! 😄 Mac's Retro matte liquid lipstick, the color is fantastic! Really love this color it's soo beautiful! 💖 the formula is long wearing & doesn't dry lips out too much. The pigmentation is great aswell and looks very pretty on your lips. The Anastasia liquid lipstick is also a great nude color. 😍 The formula is also of non drying & long wearing formulation. The color is like a peachy nude shade & looks great with or without a lipliner 👌
I guess my niece also has great taste in make up just like mee! 😂 Love both of these liquid lipsticks & am happy with my gifts 🤗


So thats the end of my mini haul. Do you have any of these products? Or thinking of getting them? Read my review first! 👆

Have any comments or questions? Get in touch! 📝 until next time, take care & stay beautiful 😙💜🖒 xXxXx

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Lux Bath & Shower set

Hello friends how are you all? Hope you're all well. Today I want to share a post with you that I was supposed to put up ages ago but totally forgot! Silly me 😄 It's about Lux Bath & Shower set that was gifted to me.

The Brand Lux has been around for a long long time. They make bath & body products like Soaps, Bubble baths, Shower gels, Shower Cremes & handwashes. I was gifted this bath & shower set from a friend. It's called "Oils of the Orient." It's a luxury formula with essential oils. The packaging is of a goldish-orange cardboard box that contains 1 shower creme & 1 bath creme and a matching puff sponge.

It smells alright of oriental oils. Nice rich creamy formula feels soft & leaves skin smooth & moisturised. It's suitable for all skin types, so anyone can use it 😊 The puff is gentle to use all over the body, helping to buff away all the dead skin cells, revealing healthy glowing skin 💞
It's lightly scented so doesn't irritate skin. It makes my skin feel soft & glowing.
I really like my gift. I like using it when I
 i feel like pampering myself 😙

I'm not sure where the gift is is from, but i will look online to see what other fragrances are available 😄😊💞

So guys that is my review on my Lux bath & shower gift set. Do you own this or used anything similar? What is your views on it? Leave your comments below! 😊

O'll be back again shortly with another post soon. Until next time,

Friday, 21 April 2017

Massive Makeup Haul / Comeback

Hi friends, how are you all? Hope you are all well 😊 Firstly I apologise for missing in action! Yes, it has been a very long time since i last posted on here. I kind of took a break, but to be honest, I have been very busy behind the scenes, as I had a lot going on in my life, and that is the reason I have been inactive on here. 😥
But now i'm back & hope to carry on blogging for you guys. 😙
Today I want to share a major make up haul with you all. I am super excited as there is a huge selection and will be posting my major hauls in a couple of parts as there is sooo much to share with you all! 😄
Okay, so let's start!

In the world of make up there are so many brands emerging almost every single day! The latest trends become fads for fashion conscious people. And with so much actually happening, we're bound to give some or most of them a try at least! 😄 Well currently I am obsessed with a beauty website called ' Beauty Bay '. Oh my goodness, where do I start?! I have become a real hooker on Beauty Bay, that I am ending up buying something or another at least every month or so! It's like i'm addicted, and with prices so good, one cannot help but shop here! 😂 There are so many beauty online websites, like Feel Unique, Just my Look, Hunt or Dye, Glossybox etc, etc, all offering deals & bargains to make us feel beautiful. Beauty Bay is a fabulous website, with reasonable prices & tempting offers, I end up giving in to my whims & just have the need to satisfy myself. And what better way to do that other than with Makeup! 💄💅💋
Anyways back to the point. I made a recent purchase with Beauty Bay (3 days ago to be precise) where they had an offer going on. The offer was to spend £50+ to recieve 20% discount. Spend £80+ to recieve 25% discount and 30% discount off of purchases over £120.
As I am still new to discovering these famous name brands, I managed to make a purchase of £50 to recieve the 20% discount which was applied to my total in the checkout. So I had a discount of £10 which then made my total come to £40. I got a selection of items as some brands i had tested already before & some i was going to be discovering now. So all in all I got a total of 9 items for £40 which isn't too bad, considering if I had bought them at original price then i'm sure my total would've hit about £80 or something lol 😄
So when i finally recieved my parcel, I was super excited to open it & check out my purchase!
So as I said before that I got 9 items, here is a list of all the items that I got:

♤ BH Cosmetics Blending Brush £3
♤ Morphe Brushes Pencil Crease Brush £5
♤ Milani Cosmetics Cream to Powder Make up compact in shade# Warm Beige £10
♤ L.A Girl Pro HD Concealer in shade# Medium Beige £5
♤ OPV Liquid Matte Lipstick in shade# Sunburst £8
♤ L.A Girl Glazed Lip Paint in shade# Whisper £4
♤ L.A Girl Perfecting Liquid Make up foundation in shade# Toasted Almond £4
♤ Milani Amore Matte Lip cream in shade# Stunning £10
♤ L.A Girl Endless Automatic Lip Pencil in shade# Berries £3
♤ Also in the photo is a lipstick from Medora company in the shade# Twig that I bought seperately on Ebay for £2.99

Medora Lipstick 

The Medora lipstick was not part of my Beauty bay haul, I bought this seperately from Ebay. A lot of people were talking about Medora lipstick and how good it is etc. So I thought i'd get one & see for myself what the hype is all about. This arrived the same day through the post as my beauty bay parcel, that is why I also included it as part of my haul. Medora lipstick brand comes from Pakistan. It's kind of getting well known here in england aswell, & there seems to be quite a rave going on about these lipsticks. I was eager to test it out & it's not too bad actually! 😆 It says on the box it's supposed to be matte. But it feels like a creamy formula but has the matte look finish. The color is a nude-ish shade. It looks alright on it's own but I like it with a brown lip liner. Makes it look more better to me 👍 A nice creamy formula, glides on smoothly & is moisturising. So not too bad for a lipstick brand i've never heard of! 😄

Ok so back to my haul....
I am very pleased with my selection of items that I got. Some things which i need & the rest I already have too much of, lol 😝 The milani cream-to-powder has become a new favourite of mines. I was unsure of my color, so i guessed what I thought would be closest to my skin shade. And it seems to be a perfect match! The creamy formula applies like a dream & the finish is very nice. The compact is a pretty gold color casing with a handy mirror & comes with a sponge applicator. It also has a light fragrance which is very appealing to me. I'm in love with this compact & would like to order another 1 when i'm done with this! 😉
The L.A girl lipliner is a pretty color. It applies nice & neatly. Very pigmented & best thing is it doesn't need sharpening! So i'm ready to go without worrying that it will get blunt any time soon! 😜
The BH cosmetics blending brush was necessary. I have all other brushes but this brush was missing from my collection. It's a great blending brush with soft bristles & does the job well. It also has a fine price tag of £3 so very affordable too! 😊
Another brush I got was the Morphe brushes pencil brush. This brush is most ideal for the crease area. This brush is an essential tool to join my brush collection, so this was a must-buy for me!

OPV matte liquid lipstick was something I was curious to try. On Instagram, my friends showed their swatches of these liquid lipsticks. The shades are gorgeous, & when I saw Beauty bay had them, I had to snap one up! It's so pigmented & easy wearing formula is very comfortable to wear. So this was a good purchase too! 👍
L.A Girl's pro hd concealer is a known to me product as I have purchased these before. Because my old one is almost finishing, so I thought i'd be needing 1 soon and so I got this.
The L.A Girl Glazed lip paint is something I do not previously own. The shades are very nice & the photos of the products itself looked good. At £4 trying it would be no harm lol 😄 The shade I got is a light color almost like a bright creamy nude. Again this would look nice with a brown lip liner as to on it's own, as it seems pale on my lips.

The L.A. Girl Perfecting liquid Make up foundation is quite good. It's a sheer foundation that gives light dewy coverage. Wasnt sure about my shade so i guessed and got it in Toasted Almond. It doesn't look too bad as i'm quite dark myself and it being a sheer foundation so works well with my skin tone 😊
And lastly the Milani Amore matte lip cream. I bought one of these previously before so I only just wanted to get another shade. I opted for the shade Stunning as it looked nice on the photo. I was hoping it would be like a nice browny-reddish nude like how it looked like in the picture, but it was more of a nude'ish brown. But nonetheless that a lipliner can't fix! 😄 But yes I do like the color as I seem to be into nude shades quite a lot these days! 😍

And so that is the end of my purchase. I always look forward to and enjoy my purchases with Beauty Bay! They are a great website to shop with. I will leave a link below so you all can check out this fantastic website! 😙
Do you own any of these products? Or are thinking of getting them? Read my blog to get a insight on my reviews of these great products! 👍

Don't forget to checkout my other blogposts & leave any comments or questions below! So until next time my lovelies, take care & stay Beautiful! 😙💘👍 xXx

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Color Pop Haul

Hello dear friends how are you all? Hope you all ok. Sorry i have been m.i.a.... havn't been too well and lots of other things have popped up here & there! 😦 But im back now, so let me get started!
Okay, so today's post is about Color pop cosmetics.
I got my first ever color pop haul about 2 weeks ago. I ordered it directly from the color pop website. They had some great packages going. And because i've never bought anything from them before, so i didn't know what products are good, or how they actually come out after application. So I just thought i'l give it a go 😊
Looking at the products on the website, i didnt quite know how the true colors are of their liquid lipsticks, so i googled images of the swatches to see how they look, and then came the decision of the colors that i wanted.
I chose a mixed selection of products, so it doesn't look like i just got the same thing.
I got 2 different kinds of lip kits. 1 single liquid lipstick and 3 single eyeshadows.


1: Liquid lipstick in shade: Kapaow
2: 5 pack mini liquid lipsticks set. Shades include:
•Tulle   •Notion   • Love bug    • Bianca & • Lax

3: Get a Grip lip kit. Shades include:
• Ultra matte Liquid lipstick in the color Are N Be.
• Party foul Lippie stix.
• Lip pencil in Are N Be.

4: Super shock eyeshadow in shade Coconut.
5:Super shock eyesjadow in shade Lace.
6: Super shock eyeshadow in shade Central perk.

The box in which my order came in is omg soo pretty!! 😍 It's such a colorful box with an awesome design, was staring at the box for a good half an hour! 😄

The colors of the eyeshadows are very pigmented and feel gel-like. They are long lasting and easily blendable. Available in over 30 shades, and in matte & glitter varieties.

The ultra matte liquid lipsticks are very nice & comfortable. There's a huge selection of colors available, so your not short of a choice.

The color pop website says free shipping over 30$ dollars for domestic orders. And over 50$ dollars for international orders. The total for my order was $53 dollar, as i was ordering internationally. But the only drawback was that I had to pay customs fee 😠😡 So wasn't really happy about that.

But otherwise all else was ok. So that was like my first ever Color pop haul, and was super excited to recieve it! 😊😊

And so this is the end of my post. Hope you liked it. Do you have any of these? What is your favourite color? How many do you own? 😄

Leave your comments below. Until next time, take care & stay beautiful! 😗💖 xXxXx