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TK Maxx Goodies

Hello my lovelies, how are you all? Hope you are doing well. It's been a looong time since my last blog, I know... 😕 I have been extremely busy and had no time to do anything! So many blogposts are pending, and by the time I write about it, seriously it will become old news! As in soo old news! 😒 Please do accept my appologies for staying away too long! But I do have 1 good news to share with you all! I am super excited to tell you, that I have recently become a grandma! My oldest niece has given birth to a beautiful baby girl! 👞 I feel on top of the world!😍 Anyways let me carry on!
So today's post is about some great finds in you guessed it! TK Maxx. This shop always amazes me, It has so many new and interesting things in it, from make up, handbags, shoes, clothing, homewares, and furnishings! There's so much to explore and the prices are always amazing too! 👍🏞I always pick up some good bargains from there no doubt about that!
So carrying on with my post, let me sho…

Primark New Finds 😍

Hello dear readers, how are you all? Hope you are ok 😊 I am back today with my latest post, and boy i'm so excited to share my post with you all! Yesterday (7-4-18) I went to Bletchley near Milton Keynes to the shopping arcade over there. They have a massive Primark store there, and this is the 2nd time I visited this store. This Primark is soo much bigger & better than my local Luton branch, with so much variety, that I wish I lived nearer! ðŸĪ”
When I visited this store yesterday, I was amazed at the new range and picked up some really interesting items! ðŸĪ— Here is a small selection of the things I bought yesterday ⤵️

☆ Pink Grapefruit & Mandarin Shower Jelly 240ml £2.00
☆ Vanilla & Brown Sugar Shower Jelly 240ml  £2.00
☆ Custom Glow liquid Highlighter 15ml shade# Bronze £3.50

☆ Insta Girl #erase away Lip color remover 10ml £2.00
☆ K-pop pillow talk cushion matte lip cushion 10ml £2.00
☆ K-pop Beamin Shimmer powder 10g £2.50
☆ Vanilla & brown sugar Silky soft &…