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Primark Top 5 Products

Hello my dear friends how are you all? hope you are keeping well. The signs of Autumn are starting to  kick in, with cold wet weather often dampening our days, and the days becoming short of daylight hours. A slight chill in the air, makes me want to wrap up warm! 😊 Soon the clocks will be ticking back an hour, with the days shortening and darkness comes early. Not to mention Halloween around the corner! 😉
Anyways i'm back today with a special post on my top 5 products. These are products that I purchased to try and review from one retailer and rate the top 5 items that are recommended to buy from that particular retailer. So for this I chose Primark as the retailer and their 5 top products that I approve of in my opinion. So without delay let's start! 🖒

Top 5 Products 

1. Skin Tonic 200ml for £2.00
2. Scandal Body Mist 150ml for £3.00
3. P.S Water Primer spray 150ml for £2.00
4. P.S Make up Blending Brush for £2.00
5. P.S Sleek & Smooth Coconut & Argan Hair Serum 75…

L.A Girl Make up Review

Hi friends how are you all?? Hope you are doing well. I have been so busy over the summer holidays, that I havn't had time to blog much. I have been upto so many things, did so much travelling and shopping, going places, etc. Literally it's so exhausting! 😧
I have a lot of catching up to do right now, so do excuse some of my posts, as I am trying to backdate as many events as possible! 😄
Anyways back to the blog. Today's post will be about L.A Girl cosmetics.

L.A Girl cosmetics have become a recent obsession for me. Over the summer period during my travels to various places, I have got quite a few L.A. Girl cosmetics. After trying and using these products, i have developed a liking for this brand that I actually have a small collection now! 😄 L.A Girl cosmetics have been around for some length of time, it just happens that I discovered them recently.
For me L.A Girl cosmetics cannot be found locally, so either I order them online from Beauty retailers or go physically t…

Family seaside trip to Bournemouth, Uk. 22nd August 2017

Hello dear readers, how are you all? Hope you are well. It's back to school for most kids and i'm already feeling the mad rush! 😄 My kids have settled down well in their new classes, so that's a relief! 😥 As I said before that the summer holidays will fly by, it sure did!                             But i'm content with the precious time I got to spend with my friends & families. I actually felt like I did alot, as I was out & about, travelling to places, stayed home, did things with my kids, spent time with family etc etc. So i'm glad I made the most of it as I certainly can't go back on those moments now... 😉
Anyways, i'm back again. Today's blog is about our family trip to Bournemouth Seaside ⛱ This holiday, I managed to go to 2 seasides. The other one I went to was Clacton on sea. This was the one I went to on the 1st of August with a community group. But don't worry I will fill you on that trip too! The Bournemouth trip is the one I …