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Mini Haul! 8/4/2016

Hi guys how are you today? Hope you are well. Today i went on a crazy kind of shopping spree! Sometimes i tend to be a bit cautious when out looking for bargains, as one might say. But today was kind of the opposite. I just felt like buying everything from every shop especially make up!
I've never really owned or bought any mac makeup before but today i had an urge to do so.
I bought the MAC studio sculpt foundation in the shade NC40. I don't even know what shade i am, a lovely lady at the store tested out a shade on my cheek to see which color would correctly fit my skin shade. There are so manyy types & varieties of Mac foundations concealers & face powders. But the shop representatives suggest you buy according to your skin type, especially when you've never purchased MAC cosmetics before or when you are unsure of the kind of coverage you want/need.
I told the lady i wanted a full coverage foundation, so thats when she suggested the studio sculpt wear foundation…

My top 5 Blushers

Hi everyone how are you all? Hope you are good. Today's post is about my top 5 blushers. Most people like to wear blushers as it gives a tinge of rosy color to their cheeks. Some people like me have allergy or a breakout after using blushers. But these blushers that i have chosen are pretty safe for me and i like them as they are comfortable to wear.

1: Max Factor creme puff blush blusher in shade no# 10 nude mauve

2: Maybelline face studio blusher in shade no# 40 pink amber

3: W7 powder blush in shade Nude

4: Barbara Daly make up Soufflè blush in the shade Whisper

5: Max Factor creme puff blush in the shade no# 30 gorgeous berries

The Max Factor blushers i like these because these blushers i got two gorgeous shades that both compliment each other.  I got these from Boots stores at £6.99 each.I got a light shade that gives a hint of color while the darker color gives a more rosier color to my cheeks.

The Barbara Daly blusher i got from Tesco at £3.00 a while back. This is a differ…

OGX Shampoo

Hello loves, hope you are all well. Today's blogpost is about a range of shampoo's from OGX.
OGX shampoos are a organic range of shampoos derived from the wonders of nature. They have created a wonderful haircare range for all hair types using natural ingredients to care for and nourish your hair. The OGX hair care system is designed to enrich your hair with wonderful nutrients giving your hair body & bounce aswell as really clean your hair with a difference that you can feel.
They have many varieties of shampoo's to choose from each with their own complimentary conditioner. They also have additional hair products to use alongside the shampoo & conditioner to perk up your hair helping to look its best. Each shampoo smells divine with gorgeous scents and their bottles are eco friendly just like the ingredients. The bottles are fancy & the colors of their bottles make you want to try every single shampoo.
I have 3 different shampoos from the range and have used a…

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks

Hi there friends how are you all? Hope you are all keeping well. Today i want to tell you about some face masks that i am loving right now. I have used these in the past before aswell, but am using it again now. These are Montagne Jeunesse face masks.
These lovely face masks have been around a long time now, and i used them a while back before going on to experiment with other face masks. As you know, most people use a variety of products to pamper their skin aswell as part of their skin care regime. Using face masks is a good way to nourish your skin aswell as draw out impurities & excess oils. There are many types of masks available in the market these days, for different skin types, like oily/combination, dry skin & sensitive skin.
I like these montagne jeunesse masks, as there are different kinds of masks like chocolate mud mask, strawberries & cream, and other yummy flavour face masks. They look fun & smell lovely. Priced at 90p each from Primark, these fun face m…