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Purple Make up Brushes

Hi there friends, hope you are having lots of fun in this easter weekend. I am trying to enjoy the holidays, but my kids are ill & i think its my turn now, so hope to make a quick recovery so i can write some lovely blogs for you all  :)
So today my blogpost will be about some make up brushes that i got last week. Its a set of 10 purple color make up brushes that i got from Ebay at £4.99. Firstly i needed some new make up brushes, so i thought i'll order them from ebay. Ebay has become my new obsession when purchasing goods from online shopping, as i think ebay is wayyy better than Amazon. Although i used to shop alot from Amazon before but seeing that Ebay has more variety & is actually a lot more cheaper, hence this change has saved me alot of money! Hehehee!! And secondly i looooveee the color purple, so basically i have fallen in love with the brushes before my purchase, & couldn't wait to own them!  :)
At £4.99 these brushes are amazing! In the set you get 5 l…

Clinique skincare Range

Hello there friends. Today i want to tell you about a skincare range that i was excited to try. Its the Clinique 3 step skincare range. This is the first time i have ever tried this. I purchased it from Boots for £20 a kit. There is a offer going on that says you must purchase 2 or more clinique products, either two skincare products, or 1 skincare plus foundation to obtain a free gift of clinique products in a cute make up bag. Or if you buy just the Sonic system cleansing brush (worth £79) then you can claim the free gift set.
Because i have never used clinique products before i was unsure about my selection. When i went to the store, there was a dedicated Clinique section full of different skincare products, all ranging in 4 different types of skin. They were numbered from 1 to 4.
Kit 1 is for very dry to dry skin.
Kit 2 is for dry to combination skin.
Kit 3 is for combination to oily skin.
Kit 4 is for oily skin.
So as you can see there are 4 different skincare kits designed for d…

Pear's Soap

Hi friends how are you all? Hope you are keeping well. Today my blogpost will be about Pear's soap. As you all know there are many kinds of soaps available in the market. One kind of soap i really like is Pear's soap. This is a traditional soap dating back to the 18th century.
Pear's soap is a unique kind of soap. Its manufacturing process makes it transparent. The soap is a age old recipe that requires the soap to be matured to the right state of compostion before it can be used. It is rich in moisturising & cleansing properties that is suitable for all skin types. The way that this soap looks is just awesome. This is the only kind of soap that i have come across as transparent with a spicey fragrance that has been dating back to a age old process that is unique in its making.
The original pears is a orangey-amber color. Now there is another two more colors. The green one which is oil free, making is suitable for people with oily/combination skin. The blue one is a ge…

The Balm Makeup Review

Hi friends im back again. Hope you are all well :) Today im going to review 2 make up products that i picked up while shopping in the Mall. These 2 items are by the company, The Balm that i found in TK Maxx. I purchased the Balm Voyage 2 make up palette consisting of eyeshadows, blushers, bronzer/highlighter & lipglosses and i got a lipstick also by the Balm called kiss my lips Amanda.

Let me start off with the lipstick review. Firstly i have never used any make up by The Balm. These are also rare brands that are not really  available in UK. Well i've not really come accross it much myself. The price is ok, as it was £5.99 for this lipstick. The shade is called Kiss my lips Amanda. Its a brownish purple color. Its creamy & quite pigmented. Feels a bit tingly on the lips. Not sure if its suposed to feel like this or am I sensitive to any of the ingredients. The shade of the lipstick on the box shows the color as being purple. But when i openend & swatched the lipstick, …

Pür Minerals Air Perfection CC Cushion Foundation

Hello everyone how are you all? Hope you are well! 😊 Omg i am very excited to share my blog with you on a make up that i purchased today! Im sure you are all aware of a product by Lančome called Miracle cushion foundation right? Well i found something familiar by Pür Minerals. Its called Air perfection CC Cushion foundation. This is their version of miracle cushion foundation.
It looks exactly the same, the idea of a lightweight foundation in a cushion form.
The packaging is almost similar aswell. Silver & white plastic casing, with a fabric puff to apply the foundation with. There is very few shades in the range and i selected medium shade as it is closest to my skin color. Its not too bad, as it applies well to the skin but feels a bit sticky upon application but then dries quite quickly aswell so you need to blend as you go along. 👍Feels alright and does a good job in coverage. But to me its quite pricey.
I got this from Marks & Spencer from their make up department &…

Victoria's Secret Amber Romance

Hi everyone how are you all? Hope you are keeping well. Today i am very excited to tell you about my latest shopping spree! Who doesn't like to splash out on luxury products? Well i know i do, & especially when it's something that is rare or not familiar of. Let me tell you further of my shopping experience. While i was out last friday on my weekly grocery shop at my local Tesco, there was a big display dedicated specially to Mother's day gifts. There were the usual cute greeting cards along with gift sets, chocolates, flowers etc. Then i noticed something that is not really familiar in the UK, except for in designer & high lifestyle shops.  My eye caught the attention of Victoria's Secret beauty range. Im not really familiar with Victoria's Secret brand but occasionally see beauty bloggers mention about it. I once got the Love Spell body wash a while ago. The fragrance was alright but not anything all that. But this time i came accross the Amber Romance fr…

Amie morning dew Matte moisturiser

Hi guys how are you all? Hope you are doing well. Today my blogpost will be about a moisturiser that i have been using and is quite good. Do you suffer from breakouts? Oily patchy skin? I don't really have breakouts but occasionaly my skin does feel dry & patchy due to health & environmental issues.
I came accross this moisturiser in Tesco called Amie morning dew mattifying moisturiser. It was priced at £4.99 (price variable accross other stores). The packaging looked cute & flowery so i thought i'll buy this & test it out. It says its a natural moisturiser with natural ingredients derived from fruit & plant extracts. It claims to nourish & hydrate skin with a matte effect so as to calm & control the skin.
It is a light non greasy lotion like cream that has a light fragrance & absorbs easily into the skin that aims to deliver fresh moisturised skin, keeping oily/combination skin under control. This moisturiser is suitable for sensitive skin as w…