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L'Oreal White Perfect Face Wash

Hi everyone how are you all? Hope you are getting ready for the new year! Im sooo excited to tell you about a product that i have discovered & fallen in love with it! I am talking about L'Oreals White Perfect milky foam facial wash. I bought this 2 days ago from TK Maxx & am so in love with it! This is a product that i have never seen before & is very rare.
 This is a whitening facial wash  especially developed for asian skin. Made from Tourmaline Gemstones, this face wash is different from the usual face washes & scrubs. Its instant whitening effect is visible from the very first use. Its a creamy milky formula that gently foams and rinses easily, conditioning the skin & does not feel dry. You can see the difference straight away & will be impressed with what you see.
At first when i saw it in the shop, i was reluctant to buy it, thinking that it wont work & will be a waste of money. But i was soo wrong!
I thought at £2.99 i'l give it a try. I didn…

Rimmel 'the One ' Lipstick

Hi friends how are you all? Good i hope. I am back with a bang! 😊 yesss.... its been a very looong time since my last post. I have been very busy behind the scenes with family, ill health, life etc, etc... But hope to carry on with what i love most, Blogging!! 😉
Since my last post i have tried out so many new things that i cant wait to share with you. So let me fill you in with the goodies that i have been busy testing!
Rimmel London have launched quite a few products lately, some being the same products that they did before but now with a new improved formula or new packaging. Recently i have purchased 3 lipsticks in their new range called 'the one' lipstick. The name supposedly suggests that this lipstick is the only one you'll need. There was 5 shades in the store out of which i bought 3. One is a nude shade, the 2nd a red shade & the 3rd a darker shade of red.
First look of the lipstick it doesn't look anything new packaging wise. It is a black plastic casing…