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Essence Cosmetics

Hi there friends how are you all? Hope you are doing well. Im back today with a blogpost on some cosmetics that i bought. Went a little overboard & crazy! 😄 The brand is called Essence Cosmetics.
Essence Cosmetics is a very rare brand in the UK. It's more of a European brand and is famous in Asian/Indian continents. I discovered the Essence brand in my local branch of Wilkinsons in my Town Shopping centre. I've heard and seen reviews of some make up products through my friends on facebook & instagram but actually got my hands on quite a lot of products so it was more of a haul type thing! 😄
The good thing about these products are the price. Most of them are under £3 and just the Foundations are a little pricey but you wont expect to pay more than £4 in total, which i thought was a major bargain!! Compared to other brands, like Rimmel & Maybelline etc an average price for Foundation would range between £5.99 to £12.99 dependant on Retailers. Obviously the high end…

4 drawer vanity organiser

Hi guys, hope you are well! Just want to give you a quick update of something i bought recently. It's a 4 drawer vanity organiser.
I bought this from B&M priced at £4.99. But you know something? I didn't even pay £4.99. Instead when i took it to the till, it came up at £2.99 which is even better, and had to grab it! 😆😆
I bought one for myself and then my daughter fell in love with it, so i had to buy another 1! Omg, what can i say about it?? It's gorgeous! 😍💖 made from Acrylic, its a clear plastic vanity organiser that has 4 drawers. 2 small drawers for small items, and 2 large drawers for larger items. Many bloggers, youtubers have these organisers to store their make up in, so i pretty much will do the same too! My daughter is not quite a beauty enthusiast just yet, so don't know what she will store in her organiser, but most probably will be her jewellry.
It just looks soo pretty! And will add the perfect touch to your dressing table. I saw something similar…

Cargo Cosmetics

Hello guys, im back again. Hope you are all well. Today's blogpost is about some gorgeous looking lipsticks that i recently purchased. As i've said before that TK Maxx has become my love shop. I love shopping there as there are so many different brands all in one shop. So you're never stuck for ideas 😊
I bought a set of 4 beautiful lipsticks in a gorgeous gold box. It's by Cargo Cosmetics.
Cargo Cosmetics is a Canadian Company. It first started off as a small cosmetics company, but now has established itself into a well known brand in the world of beauty across the globe. What attracted me to this set was the beautiful packaging. Each lipstick's packaging has it's own unique design and each color is as gorgeous as each other. I love every single color in this set!! 😍💖
The formula of these lipsticks are rich & creamy and moisturising. Well pigmented and glides on easily, these lipsticks will make you look posh! And best of all?? The price! At £12.99 you m…

Gerard Cosmetics

Hi friends how are you all? Hope you are well & enjoying the beautiful hot summer weather! Sorry i have been inactive for a time on blogger, i have been very busy with weddings, parties, illness & daily hustle & bustle. But also missing my lovely readers here on blogger too! 😗
Whilst away i have been busy testing products, shopping & doing crazy hauls, that have been keeping me busy behind the scenes! So without much delay let me get to the point.

Today's blogpost is about Gerard Cosmetics. I must admit i'm probably the last to know about this company, lol. But im glad i got to discover it now finally! I ordered 2 items of Gerard Cosmetics through a website online called Beauty Bay.
Beauty Bay is a beauty website dedicated to many brands all on 1 site. They have many designer brands at great prices, that come with free shipping within 48 hours of purchasing for orders over £15, so how cool is that? 😊😊 i will leave the link below to Beauty Bay so do check the…