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Color Pop Haul

Hello dear friends how are you all? Hope you all ok. Sorry i have been m.i.a.... havn't been too well and lots of other things have popped up here & there! 😦 But im back now, so let me get started!
Okay, so today's post is about Color pop cosmetics.
I got my first ever color pop haul about 2 weeks ago. I ordered it directly from the color pop website. They had some great packages going. And because i've never bought anything from them before, so i didn't know what products are good, or how they actually come out after application. So I just thought i'l give it a go 😊
Looking at the products on the website, i didnt quite know how the true colors are of their liquid lipsticks, so i googled images of the swatches to see how they look, and then came the decision of the colors that i wanted.
I chose a mixed selection of products, so it doesn't look like i just got the same thing.
I got 2 different kinds of lip kits. 1 single liquid lipstick and 3 single eyesha…