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Home Made Face Masks

Hello my lovely readers! Welcome to my blog 😊 Hope you are all well? I'm back again with a new post for you. Today's post is about Face masks. Who doesn't like face masks? Everybody does, after all it makes our skin glow and helps us to relax aswell πŸ€— Nowadays there are so many face masks available, different varieties be it muddy mask, fruit masks, powder masks or even sheet masks! 🎭
They're a Hot trend these days! πŸ”₯ Face masks  an come in jars, tubes, packets and even powdered formulas each retailing at various prices between 99p and £10. Some may even cost more than £10, simply because of the brand or the ingredients that make them e.g gold mask! 😱
But did you know that you don't have to buy any of these masks, because you can make it yourself at home!
Yes, that's right you can make various face masks at home all by yourself, using a variety of kitchen ingredients, most of which cost next to nothing of the same mask that you would buy in the shops! πŸ‘Œ T…

Face Shaving - Yay or Nay?

Hello Friends how are you all? Hope you are well. I have been suffering from ill health lately. My elbows are stiff and sore from about a month now. I am struggling to do simple everyday tasks and went to the doctor's to get some advice after seeing my condition worsen over time ☹
Well anyway begone with my health woes, and back to blogging!
Today's post is about Facial Shaving. This is much becoming a hot trend nowadays πŸ”₯and everyone is giving it a go! Well you may be thinking whether i've done it or not? And my answer is Yes! I have tried it and twice too, but I have some advice to give first!

Facial Shaving is not the kind that Men do, for the females, it's a different kind of method. Men shaving is a grooming method, whilst women treat it kind of like a beauty routine.
You may see all these ladies shaving away so freely on youtube, Instagram etc etc, it isn't really all that easy like the way they make it out to be 😞
Let me tell you about my experience! I was…

Barbra Daly Make Up Review

Hello my lovely readers, how are you all? Hope you are keeping well πŸ€— Sorry for being inactive for a time, I have not been too well for quite some time. My family has been ill one by one, and now its my turn πŸ˜” Still on the road to recovery. This weather is not helping either. We seem to have a long spell of winter this year, and with snow popping it's head out here and there, feels like the cold is just dragging on and on! ⛄ Well anyway i'm back now and hope to blog some more interesting posts for you.
So from the title you can see it's a product review and without wasting any time, I shall continue! 😊
I got some make up products from Tesco a few months ago. It's a make up brand by Tesco called Barbra Daly. They used to sell their make up line before instore but for quite some time it's been discontinued now, and they've removed their brand make up completely off the shelves now. But recently I saw a shelf of their discontinued make up back again, and it was…