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Product Empties! πŸ€‘

Hi friends how are you all? Hope you are well 😊 Today's blogpost is something different. Usually I review products and show you my hauls. But today, I will show you my Empty products, that I have finished up! πŸ€—

Here are the products: 
• They're real Mascara from Benefit. Travel size. Was purchased from Boots with 2 other travel size products as part of 3 for £20 offer. 
• Sunflowers perfume edt by Elizabeth Arden. From TK Maxx. £6.99 30ml
• Veet hair removal cream. 25g From Sam 99 stores. Part of 2 for £1.00 offer. 
• HypnosΓ¨  volume Mascara by Lančome. £12 from TK Maxx.
• Blistex lip conditioner lip balm. £2.99 from Tesco. 
• Wonderblur Skin smoothing balm by Bodyshop. 30ml £6.00 from TK Maxx. 
• Vichy IdealiΓ  smoothing & illuminating cream 3ml. Trial size sample. Free. From Boots
• Vichy Liftactiv supreme Anti wrinkle cream. 3ml trial size sample. Free. From Boots. 
As you can see from the product description, there are 2…

Make up Brushes

Hello dear readers, how are you all? Hope you are keeping well. The start of the summer holidays are here, and so far i have a feeling the holidays will zoom by so quick! πŸ€”
Maybe i'm worrying that I won't be able to do anything, or maybe i'm just over reacting lol πŸ˜„
Anyways, today's post is about some make up brushes that I have been buying over the last 2-3 months. I have been needing to buy some brushes, while some are just so pretty, you have to end up buying it whether you need it or not! πŸ˜„
But the question is, are some brushes worth the value, or can cheap ones do just as well??
Well to be honest, some brands are rip offs, and some are really good, and cheap ones are good for a while, and are easily ( and cheaply ) replaceable aswell as equally if not better than the original brand brushes! πŸ€‘ I've found some cheap brushes do a very good job in applying make up, and have lasted me a long time, as in over 3 years! And I feel as though money has been well spe…

Mini Haul June 2017

Hi friends how are you all? Hope you're all well. I'm back again with another mini haul. So excited to share my reviews with you all, so let's get started! 😊

Here are the products I will be reviewing:

¤ Essence Volume Mascara £2.99 from Wilkinsons.

¤ P.S Liquid Blending Brush £2.00 from Primark.

¤ P.S 4 pack Dark circle reducing Sunflower eye patches. £1.00 from Primark.

¤ Make up Revolution Teardrop Silicone sponge £4.99 from Superdrug.

¤ P.S Super matte lipstick in shade #cream soda £2.00 from Primark.

¤ Cuticura Tropical twist Hand gel. £1.00 from Primark.


Omg, this liquid blending brush from Primark is sooo good! This brush is suitable for use all over the face. The strong handle & soft bristles are comfortable on your face. I wasn't expecting much from this brush, but primark do actually have some good quality products & for the price of £2, i was amazed at how good this brush really is! 😍 Now i most definately will be …

My Jewellery Haul 😍

Hi dear readers, how are you all? Hope you are all well. Today I want to share a different kind of post with you. Usually all i ever talk about is make up, because i loooveee Make up! πŸ˜„ So I thought i'd be a bit different and talk about something else. So today's post is about Jewellery. Everyone likes Jewellery, silver, Gold, sparkley, antique, pearl etc, etc. Jewellery doesn't always have to be worn on occasions only, people wear it for adornment. It makes people feel special, pretty or fashionable πŸ’˜
So in my post I will show you some jewellery pieces that i have collected over a while that I really like 😍

The 1st item is the diamond necklace set. This i got from Ebay for £2.60.
It's a beautiful diamond set consisting of a necklace & a pair of matching earrings. This is a very nice small set that looks elegant with any outfit. It's very comfortable to wear and enhances your look. The price was amazing and it came within 20 days of ordering. The design is l…

Mini Haul May 2017

Hello friends how are you all? Hope you are keeping well. Sorry have not been able to post lately. Was busy around eid time, with preparations, guests, parties etc, etc. But now that i'm back, hope to catch up with all my pending blogs! πŸ˜„
So recently i did a mini haul and checking out some products to review, i like the selection that i bought. Here are the products that i got:


♡ Make up sponges by Look at Me. 30 pack. £1.00 from Poundworld plus.
♡ Fleurance Nature Cleansing Micellar water 200ml. From TK Maxx £2.00
♡ Tony Moly panda eye brightening stick £3.99 from TK Maxx.
♡ La Savvonnerie Olive oil vegetable Soap. £2.00 from TK Maxx.
♡ P.S Pro Concealer Brush. £2.00 from Primark.
♡ P.S Pro Eye shading brush. £2.00 from Primark.

Okay, so first up is the Fleurance Nature Micellar water. This is a natural micellar water with plant extracts that is gentle on skin yet effectively removes make up. It has a light lavender fragrance and feels refreshing on my face. So it'…