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☆ Eid Mubarak ☆ ( eid-ul fitr ) 2017

Hello dear Readers! How are you all?? Let me first wish you all a very happy EID MUBARAK! This is the joyous festival celebrated after a month long Ramadan. Muslims all over the world are rewarded with  the celebration of eid for their efforts throughout ramadan. 🤗

Ramadan is a month long of fasting, prayers, meditation and reflection. We seek the pleasure & mercy of the Almighty God to do good, reflect upon ourselves as to how we are, how we can change or improve ourselves to become better human beings. Also the most important aspect of ramadan is to feel the meaning of being hungry, poor and homeless. Poverty is still unfortunately a major issue in this world 😔 But thinking deep about it, i'm sure we all can make a difference by giving something back to our community.

There is a saying that goes: " Charity does not decrease wealth ". And indeed this is true. No one has ever become poor by giving away something 👍

So for all those who fasted, i hope you have made …

Summer Skincare Routine!

Hello my loves! How are you all? Hope you are well and enjoying the very warm weather of late! It's a scorcher of a weather, so don't forget to take care in the sun! 🌞
Sorry about lack of posts. The last one was about Ramadan, and during this time muslims are busy fasting & praying. Not to mention busy preparing food! Lol 😄 But i'm back now and have an exciting post to share with you all!

Today's post is about my Summer skincare routine! The weather is convinient for my post and all the products related are beneficial to everyone. So without further ado, i will start now! 😄

In the summertime, our bodies lose alot of moisture, which is why we should keep it well moisturised and hydrated. Following a good regime can help keep our skin & bodies looking it's best. But often we need help and guidance as to what is compatible with our skin and what can do more harm than good. So i'm here to help you and hope to give you some advice so that maybe i might se…

Happy Ramadan 2017

Hello loves, how are you all? Hope you are well. First let me wish you all a very Happy Ramadan, to all those that celebrate! 😊
Since the start of ramadan I have been feeling quite busy aswell as lazy, so appologies on my behalf for being inactive.
I have so many back-dated posts to put up but due to religious and other commitments have been unable to do so. So on that i really do appologise & hope to keep in touch with you all 😘
Currently I am putting a few things together to blog about so hoping to put up a few posts soon! 🖒

So here's wishing a very happy Ramadan to all those that celebrate. May you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous Ramadan 😊
And to the rest of us folks, hope you all stay happy & blessed!

See you all again soon. Until next time, take care & stay beautiful! 😗❤🖒 xXxxXx