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Vatika Hair Masks

Hey there, how have you all been? Very good i hope. I have been away from here busy doing some product testing. Today i will tell you what i have been testing and am really loving right now.
Using the right hair care products really does make a difference. But sometimes we can make a bad choice because of the many varieties of products offering the same or similar results that often do a good job or not. Here are 2 products that i tested from the Vatika hair brand. Vatika is a well known hair brand in the asian sector with various hair products like hair oils, shampoo's, conditioners and hair masks. A few days ago i tested 2 hair masks. One is Vatikas black seed deep conditioning hair mask and the other is vatikas Egg protein deep conditioning hair mask.
Here is my verdict. Both of these hair masks do a fabulous job. The black seed hair mask is enriched with black seed known for its powerful properties over the centuries that have been popularly used by asians & people of the …

New faves

Hello everyone how have you all been keeping? Its been some time since i last blogged. But now im back and so excited to share my new haul that i got. Whenever i am out shopping, i like to buy unsual things, something different from what i don't normally buy. Pretty things that catch my eye.
Well let me tell you about something that made me suprised. I found a Victorias secret body wash in my local Tesco. It was priced at £7.50 just for the body wash. I only found 1 of these on the shelf. I was excited when i saw it, because you don't normally see luxury items like these in grocery stores, other than in fancy rich people's shops like John Lewis or Harrods. The fragrance of the body wash isn't too bad considering i've never bought victorias secret products before, so i wouldn't really know what to expect. Its a fresh scented peach and cherry fragrance. The color of the body wash is purple and its formulation is soft and conditioning. The packaging looked fancy i…


Hello everybody. Today i will give you a quick review on some perfumes that i have recently purchased. I have been collecting some perfumes that i have bought from Primark. Yes thats right, Primark!
Lately Primark have launched several perfumes across the range which are decently priced at £6 each. These are all own brand with different names, and have beautiful scents. They smell lovely and last a while. The packaging of each perfume is not too bad either as is the price. I have collected quite a few perfumes that i like the scent of.
Im sure everyone will agree with me and have a few favourites. Primarks perfumes are not too bad and i will say these will be popular amongst primark shoppers. A good buy.

Biore Deep Pore Cleanser

Hey everyone, hope you are all well. Its been a while since i blogged. So now im back with a new review. Today i will give you my reviews on Biore's Deep pore charcoal cleanser.
I bought this from Tesco priced at £4.99. The thing that attracted me about it was that it was made with Charcoal. Usually i have seen cleansers made with fruits & other natural ingredients. But charcoal was unfamiliar with me. After testing this product i was really impressed.
The cleanser is almost like a gel-like formula. Dark in color as the name suggests made from coal, it gives a tingly sensation on the face. Does not feel harsh or gritty and is a smooth formula. Skin feels deep cleansed and refreshed. I really like this cleanser as i feel it does what it says. Leaves my face feeling like new, deeply cleansed and refreshed.
I would highly recommend this product as it is suitable for all skin types. The price & packaging is also reasonable too. A great product to try :)