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Colorpop Haul! 😍 2017

Hello my friends, how are you all? Hope you are well. I am back today and am so excited to share with you my latest Haul! I have been waiting patiently for my post to come and finally it is here!! 😍 Today's post is about my latest Colorpop haul and it is 🔥🔥🔥
Round about christmas time on the Colorpop website, they had some great deals going like 30% off some products. I was really tempted as I wanted to treat myself for some time, so I got blown away with the offers and decided to order something.
As there were a few deals going, I browsed the website to see what I wanted. I really really love their super shock eyeshadows, so knew that i'd be ordering some more! Another great offer was that if I spent $50 dollars or more (because I was an international order) I would get a eyeshadow palette worth $15 dollars absolutely free! And because I need free international shipping thats why my order had to be of $50 dollars or more 🖒
I ordered my colorpop order round about the 28th…

Massive Xmas Haul Dec 2017

Hello there dear readers, how are you all? Hope you are well and had a fantastic opening to the new year. I certainly did, enjoyed the day with my family which was worth it! 😙
And so now I will continue with my blog. Today's post is about a huge haul that I did on boxing day. It is the day after Christmas on the 26th December where there is upto 50% off in the shops on goods & products. Consumers eagerly look forward to this day where they can get their hands on reduced price good, snapping up bargains wherever they shop.
 Although this may be a good thing, it is equally a bad thing too, as often you wont be getting high end products at reduced prices, rather than end of season or slighly damaged goods for cheap prices. For me, yes I do love a bargain, but sometimes compromising on quality will just have to do. But do be warned that on such a day, expect delays, queues, lots of mess and of course some damages not to mention the flock of crowds in each & every shop! 😄