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NYX Cosmetics

Hi friends! How are you all? Hope you are grabbing your Boxing day bargains! Today all the shops will be havoc, as there will be eager shoppers hoping to make the most of the boxing day sales! 😄
Talking of which, today i went out of town to Milton Keynes. I went to the Centre MK which also had Intu MK. The Centre MK is located in Milton Keynes, which has 2 massive shopping centres adjacent to each other. Typically you would at least need 1 whole day to entirely visit every single shop within the centre! 😄
The Centre MK has practically every well known shop in there that are familiar with young & old people alike. There's a huge variety of stores in there like electrical shops, jewellry shops, gadget shops, toys, bookstores, food, clothing etc etc! The list goes on, you will be amazed at how many shops that are actually in the two centres combined! 😥
If you ever do visit, trust me you will never ever get bored as there are always so many shops opening and closing, so every v…

Winter Fashion

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas to my readers! All those that celebrate, hope you have a wonderful christmas time! 😊 And those who don't, hope you are enjoying the christmas break! 😊 Today i'm back with a different kind of blog. I know i only mostly talk about make up, i havn't really blogged about anything else. So today I thought, i will blog about something different! 
Today's blog is about Winter Fashion. When winter comes, some people like to look trendy while some people like to relax & wear warm clothing 👗👢👖In the summer, cotton clothing keeps us cool and fresh. Whilst in the winter, thick woolly clothing keep us snug & warm. But fashion trends change all the time, so keeping up with trends will make us look fashionable aswell as modern 👍
Each year fashion shows tend to highlight key pieces that they suggest will go with most certain pieces of clothing. As for color coding, some colors look more striking when worn in winter time than in any other tim…

Huge Haul part 2

Hi lovlies, how are you all? Hope you are all well & enjoying the start of the christmas holidays! 🎄 Christmas time is always busy with people buying last minute gifts & foods. Aswell as planning for the festivities over the course of christmas.
And as for me it's nothing but shopping, shopping & more shopping! 😄 Since my last blogpost I mentioned that I had done a massive haul and that i would need to write my post over a few days as there is so many products to mention. And so today i will blog about part 2. The products i will be listing below:

1: Organic Surge deep cleansing face mask. 50ml from TK Maxx £3.99
2: Nip & Fab Dark Circle fix eye cream. 15ml from TK Maxx £2.99
3: Almay smart shade powder blush. £1.99 from TK Maxx.
4: Almay Correcting face powder. £1.99 from TK Maxx.
5: Marina Galanti make up bag. £4.99 from TK Maxx.

All these products were purchased from TK Maxx. I really love this shop, its so cool. It's like shopping for famous brands but wh…

Huge Haul part 1

Hi guys how are you all? Hope you are all well. It's been a while since i last posted. I have been busy still trying to set up my home after the refurbishment. Keep changing my mind on where to put what etc. And with Christmas round the corner, looking forward to the holidays & festivities coming up! 😊
Anyways i am back now and i want to share my huge huge haul with you all. It's such a huge haul over the last 2 months, that i am having to talk about it in a couple of parts! Lol 😂 but i have grabbed some great items that i can't wait to share with you all. So without any further delay let me get started.

So over the last few months, aswell as renovating my house i have been doing excessive shopping, which has led to a build up of all my amazing goodies that i have grabbed. These all collected into a huge haul, that it's impossible to put as a single haul post so will have to be done as a few separate posts. Some things i have recieved as gifts and others while on…

Birthday Gifts 😊

Hello my lovlies how are you all? hope you are well. Good news for you all. In my last blogpost i mentioned that i was getting some work done in my house. Well finally i can say it's all completed! 😊 After 3 long months of endless struggling, now my home is all complete and it's totally worth it! Feels like a brand new house, and i cant remember what it used to be like before! 😮 But all i can say is now that everything is different, it was worth all the hard work & constant struggles. I am a Happy bunny!! 😄
Anyways, now that i'm a bit stress free, i will be back to blogging. Today's blogpost is a special post, as the title suggests. It is my birth month. My birthday was on November 13 and I am blessed to have many loving friends & family. I have recieved many gifts for my birthday & I want to show you a selection of the gifts that i recieved 😊👍

♡ Baylis & Harding Boudoire Velvet rose gift tin.

♡ Black crocodile skin effect clutch purse.

♡ Nyx Ultim…

Mini Haul October 2016

Hello my sweeties how are you all? Hope you are doing well. I'm a little behind with my blogposts, i might have mentioned before, so just catching up. Don't mind 😆
Today's post is about a mini haul that i did in the month of October. I bought 4 items that are listed below with the price & place of purchase.

1: Sukin Energising Body Scrub Coffee & Coconut 200ml £3.99
2: Maybelline Master drama Crayon Liner in shade Black Spark £2.99
3: Beauty Concepts Under eye Perfector brush £3.99
4: Revlon HD lipstick in shade Iris £2.99

All of these products were purchased from TK Maxx.

The Coffee & coconut body scrub was something different for me to try. Nowadays people have discovered Coffee as a super face scrub & has fast become a beauty regiment to swear by. But now Coffee is combined with the delicious mix of coconut together in this energising body scrub making it a divine scrub to rejuvinate your skin while the scent sends you away to a tropical bliss 😄

I was …

Avon Cosmetics

Hi there friends, how are you all? Hope you are well. Since my last blogpost i updated you all about the renovation of my house. It's not quite finished yet. All the other major stuff is done, just waiting patiently for my kitchen units to arrive, then my house will be brand new again, and i honestly cant wait for that to happen!! 😄
Anyways back to my blog, today's post is about Avon Cosmetics. Avon is a british brand name created by a woman, who came up with the idea of selling luxury pampering items to other women with the aid of a catalogue, listing items that women can buy to beautify themselves & gift to their loved ones. It's like catalogue shopping with a representative who would take your orders & deliver to you aswell directly to your door, or you can pick up from the representatives home. It was a clever inititative that took the nation by storm back when it first came out, and is still a popular type of shopping.
Recently i made an order from my latest …

Renovation Update 23 October 2016

Hello my wonderful friends, how are you all? Hope you are keeping well. I havn't posted anything for a bit so thought I will blog about something different for a change. As you all know i am having my whole house renovated, and all i can say is that everything is a MESS!! Yes that's right, a very big mess, with dirt & dust flying around everywhere!! 😄 But now slowly slowly my house is starting to get back to normal. Well kind of... My house is almost done, the plastering & painting is almost done, about another few more days of work, but the real struggle is my kitchen.
I am currently out of a kitchen at the moment, so im waiting... Patiently 😄 for my kitchen units to arrive, which will take about a week or so to come,  and until then i will have to struggle & make do somehow! 😡
I'm excited about the finished look, but honestly speaking i'm also exhausted aswell at the same time. Constantly having to reposition things & clean up here & there aswe…