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Dermacol Make up Cover

Hi everybody how are you all? Oh my gosh, it feels like a lifetime since my last blog. Well, what can i tell you all? I have been very busy since my last blog. Been inundated with lots of parties! Weddings, engagements, birthdays, House warming parties etc, etc. Been kept busy & on my toes most of the time! So since things have quietened down abit, thought that i would carry on with my blogging! So first things first! 
Today in my blog i want to give you some reviews of a new product that i have been trying out for a few weeks now. Im not sure if many people have been aware of it, but its a product called Dermacol that i have discovered on Instagram. Whilst Dermacol may have been around for some time, i have only just discovered it quite recently, & i must say i am Amazed at the beauty of this product. Dermacol Make up cover is a thick foundation like product that is designed to cover up tattoos and other unsightly blemishes such as rashes & burn marks. The beauty of this p…

Technic Color Max baked eyeshadows

Hi everyone how are you all?? Hope you are well. Havnt blogged for a while, life has kept me busy aswell as illness. Hope to catch up with you all now. Today's blog will be about a eyeshadow palette that i purchased a few days ago. Oh my goodness i must say i am very impressed!
This baked eyeshadow palette is very good stuff! Its a palette consisting of 6 chunky baked eyeshadows in various shade palettes. Firstly it is well pigmented, and very smooth almost silky like powder texture. Minimal fallout and has good staying power. This palette has 6 gorgeous shades that compliment each other so you can create looks that take you from daytime to night time. I have done a swatch so you can see the intensity & pigmentation of the shades. This palette cost me £2.99 from bodycare. The price & quality of this product is very good. I really like this palette, its my favourite especially all the colors. At first i thought that Technic brand would be so so, & wouldn't be anythi…