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L'Oreal White Perfect Face Wash

Hi everyone how are you all? Hope you are getting ready for the new year! Im sooo excited to tell you about a product that i have discovered & fallen in love with it! I am talking about L'Oreals White Perfect milky foam facial wash. I bought this 2 days ago from TK Maxx & am so in love with it! This is a product that i have never seen before & is very rare.
 This is a whitening facial wash  especially developed for asian skin. Made from Tourmaline Gemstones, this face wash is different from the usual face washes & scrubs. Its instant whitening effect is visible from the very first use. Its a creamy milky formula that gently foams and rinses easily, conditioning the skin & does not feel dry. You can see the difference straight away & will be impressed with what you see.
At first when i saw it in the shop, i was reluctant to buy it, thinking that it wont work & will be a waste of money. But i was soo wrong!
I thought at £2.99 i'l give it a try. I didn…

Rimmel 'the One ' Lipstick

Hi friends how are you all? Good i hope. I am back with a bang! 😊 yesss.... its been a very looong time since my last post. I have been very busy behind the scenes with family, ill health, life etc, etc... But hope to carry on with what i love most, Blogging!! 😉
Since my last post i have tried out so many new things that i cant wait to share with you. So let me fill you in with the goodies that i have been busy testing!
Rimmel London have launched quite a few products lately, some being the same products that they did before but now with a new improved formula or new packaging. Recently i have purchased 3 lipsticks in their new range called 'the one' lipstick. The name supposedly suggests that this lipstick is the only one you'll need. There was 5 shades in the store out of which i bought 3. One is a nude shade, the 2nd a red shade & the 3rd a darker shade of red.
First look of the lipstick it doesn't look anything new packaging wise. It is a black plastic casing…

Skincare routine

Hello friends how are you all? Hope you are well. Today im going to talk about skin care. What is skincare and why is it important?
Skincare is a regiment that we follow to lookafter our skin. Around 60% of the worlds population, have sensitive skin. These people are prone to most or specific ingredients of health & beauty products. Which means they have to be really careful when choosing products to apply to their skin. Health professionals make such products that are especially suited for mild to moderate sensitivity.
But with beauty & fashion trends, people tend to try products that maybe harmful for their skin, thus creating further problems for themselves. Because nowadays some people blog about products they've tested, they leave negative & positive reviews for the general public to take into consideration when buying products. Some people follow a simple skincare regime whilst others have a thorough regiment, using skin compatible products from toning, cleansing…

Cien Make Up

Hey everyone hope you are well. Im back with a review on Lidl's own brand make up called ' Cien '. Lidl has been around in the UK for quite some time now, with more and more branches opening across the country. Apart from selling low-cost food & drink i was suprised to see a small section of their own brand make up. Their selection consisted of foundations, mascaras, lip sticks, lip glosses, mono eyeshadows, jumbo eye pencils, nail polishes and jumbo lip crayons.
Their make up is of decent  quality with many shades to choose from. Its not tested on animals and is suitable for all skin types. The best thing is they are cheap and affordable for everyone and will make a great start up kit for beginners. The make up is priced at £1.99 each and sometimes Lidl have an offer going on where you can buy any 2 items for £3.00 making it a bargain!
Do check out Lidl's make up. You wont be disappointed. Have you ever bought Cien make up? What did you think of it? Let me know yo…

Clinique 2in1 Beyond Perfecting Foundation

Hey everybody hope you are well. Today i want to give you my reviews on a foundation that i bought. It is Clinique's 2 in 1 beyond perfecting foundation. It's a foundation & concealer in 1 product.
This foundation has got to be a godsend. Its amazing! A concealer & foundation in 1 product that is so easy to use if only it came out all these days ago!
Its a creamy formula that finishes matte on the skin. Its so easily blendable with maximum results, that covers & conceals with minimum effort in 1 easy step. Its breathable formula looks undectable & gives flawless looking skin instantly. It comes in a range of shades to suit every color. The shade that i bought is vanilla which i got from TK Maxx at £16.99 which i thought was a bargain. It is priced at £25.00 plus variable in different stores.  This foundation is worth the money, not because of branding, but its formulation. Although ideally it should start at £20.00 which would make it more affordable for people…

Mua Luxe Metallic Lipgloss

Hello hello hello! Omg i know its been a long time since my last blog! I'd like to appologise, but since then a lot has happened. Was ill for a few weeks, feeling poorly. Then i became an aunty! My sister in law had a beautiful girl then things happened, making life busy & hectic. Well im back with a exciting post and cant wait to tell you about it!  :)
I have purchased 2 beautiful metallic lipglosses that look gorgeous! Its Superdrug's Mua Luxe brand. They recently launched a range of metallic lipglosses in 7 beautiful shades. From light to dark shades, each suiting every skin tone. The 2 colors that caught my eye are Blaze & Glint. Blaze is my 1st favourite shade. Its a beautiful maroon/burgundy shade. The formula is smooth & creamy. Glides on easily and its true color formula makes lips look irresistable. The 2nd favourite color is called glint. Its a brownish/mauve color that look galactic. The metallic look is more emphasised in this shade. Both shades look fa…

Favourite False Eyelashes

Hello everyone. Want to talk to you all about false lashes. When it comes to false lashes, do you wear them or not? Are they comfortable? Do they give the desired look without peeling off halfway? Well i guess it all depends on the type of lashes you buy and the kind of glue you use.
I myself have been playing around with many lash brands & glues just to see which is worth it in terms of value & durability. The cheap ones suprisingly do a good job, well some of them. But then for the cheap ones you need to have a good glue to make a good job of it. Sometimes its the other way round. But most importantly it also helps to know how to apply lashes correctly in the first place.
Well down to the point, my first favourite pair of false lashes has most definately got to be Revlon's beyond Natural. These lashes are super comfortable and last all day long until you want to take them off. They look natural and give a beautiful look to your eyes without peeling off or weighing your l…


Hey guys! Today im writing a review on Primers. What are primers and are they worth it? Let me tell you.
Primers are a base product that you use before applying your make up. The whole idea is to prep & prime your skin so that you can apply your make up easily & will help to make your foundation last longer. Some people agree with this and some disagree. But it is all down to the actual product itself. There are many forms and brands of primers, some are like fluid, some are creamy & some are like a soft mousse. They come in jars, containers, tubes & vials. With so many brands in the market to choose from, people tend to experiment to find which is best suited for their skin type.
Here i have tested two different brands and will give you my opinion.
The 1st primer i got is L'Oreal studio secrets primer priced at £12.99 And the 2nd is Barbra Daly Primer by Tesco priced at £10. Both of them are of equal quantities at 15ml each. The L'Oreal primer is pinkish in co…
Hello everybody. Hope you are all well. Today i will give u a review of some liquid lipsticks. This is a drugstore  brand and is just as good as its competitor. Yes, i am talking about MUA's version of liquid lipstick. This liquid lipstick is inspired by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Although there are not many shades like Anastasia, MUA has managed to do 6 shades in the range, with 3 being my favourite shades from the collection.
The thing i like about it is the price. For £3 you cant go wrong. Its almost as good as Anastasias, and the pigmentation is really good. Staying power is above average so that gives a good impression. The durability of this product is good and color shades are a nice selection. Its matte texture glides on easily and usually goes on in 1 sweep.
My favourite colors are:
1) Dare
2) Kooky
3) Reckless
Dare is a beautiful fuscia pink with tints of red. Kooky is a gorgeous purple lilac hints of color. Reckless is ruby red color. All 3 of those are my favourite shade…

Lush Uk

Hey guys, how have you all been? Today i want to tell you all about the shop Lush. This shop just smells absolutely gorgeous! Its full of wonderful bath time goodies that look eccentric and smell divine! I love this shop, every single product is all hand made using natural ingredients and essential oils from all around the country!
From products like bath fizzers, soaps, face & body masks and much much more! The friendly staff also will help you pick & choose products at your convinience aswell as try out some products so you can experience for yourself the wierd & wonderful fragrances that are encased in these lovely products.
They have a huge range of products and gift sets & gift vouchers are available to gift to your loved ones. Do go check out your local Lush store, you wont be disappointed!

Vatika Hair Masks

Hey there, how have you all been? Very good i hope. I have been away from here busy doing some product testing. Today i will tell you what i have been testing and am really loving right now.
Using the right hair care products really does make a difference. But sometimes we can make a bad choice because of the many varieties of products offering the same or similar results that often do a good job or not. Here are 2 products that i tested from the Vatika hair brand. Vatika is a well known hair brand in the asian sector with various hair products like hair oils, shampoo's, conditioners and hair masks. A few days ago i tested 2 hair masks. One is Vatikas black seed deep conditioning hair mask and the other is vatikas Egg protein deep conditioning hair mask.
Here is my verdict. Both of these hair masks do a fabulous job. The black seed hair mask is enriched with black seed known for its powerful properties over the centuries that have been popularly used by asians & people of the …

New faves

Hello everyone how have you all been keeping? Its been some time since i last blogged. But now im back and so excited to share my new haul that i got. Whenever i am out shopping, i like to buy unsual things, something different from what i don't normally buy. Pretty things that catch my eye.
Well let me tell you about something that made me suprised. I found a Victorias secret body wash in my local Tesco. It was priced at £7.50 just for the body wash. I only found 1 of these on the shelf. I was excited when i saw it, because you don't normally see luxury items like these in grocery stores, other than in fancy rich people's shops like John Lewis or Harrods. The fragrance of the body wash isn't too bad considering i've never bought victorias secret products before, so i wouldn't really know what to expect. Its a fresh scented peach and cherry fragrance. The color of the body wash is purple and its formulation is soft and conditioning. The packaging looked fancy i…


Hello everybody. Today i will give you a quick review on some perfumes that i have recently purchased. I have been collecting some perfumes that i have bought from Primark. Yes thats right, Primark!
Lately Primark have launched several perfumes across the range which are decently priced at £6 each. These are all own brand with different names, and have beautiful scents. They smell lovely and last a while. The packaging of each perfume is not too bad either as is the price. I have collected quite a few perfumes that i like the scent of.
Im sure everyone will agree with me and have a few favourites. Primarks perfumes are not too bad and i will say these will be popular amongst primark shoppers. A good buy.

Biore Deep Pore Cleanser

Hey everyone, hope you are all well. Its been a while since i blogged. So now im back with a new review. Today i will give you my reviews on Biore's Deep pore charcoal cleanser.
I bought this from Tesco priced at £4.99. The thing that attracted me about it was that it was made with Charcoal. Usually i have seen cleansers made with fruits & other natural ingredients. But charcoal was unfamiliar with me. After testing this product i was really impressed.
The cleanser is almost like a gel-like formula. Dark in color as the name suggests made from coal, it gives a tingly sensation on the face. Does not feel harsh or gritty and is a smooth formula. Skin feels deep cleansed and refreshed. I really like this cleanser as i feel it does what it says. Leaves my face feeling like new, deeply cleansed and refreshed.
I would highly recommend this product as it is suitable for all skin types. The price & packaging is also reasonable too. A great product to try :)