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Suneeta Cosmetics

Hi everyone, how are you all? Hope you guys are well. Been a few days since i last posted on my blog. I was reviewing some products that i ordered a few days back. It's by a company called Suneeta Cosmetics.

Suneeta Cosmetics is a UK based company that makes 100% natural fresh home made beauty products. Made entirely with natural fresh ingredients, and essential oils, there are no artificial ingredients whatsoever in any of the products.
Because the ingredients are mostly homegrown & fresh in source, there is a limited life span on these products, so you must use it within its time to benefit from the freshness of these products. There are so many products to choose from that are specially made for hair, face, body and skin.
Suneeta cosmetics are made and based around ayurvedic practices so it combines tradition and knowledge in the manufacture of these products. Their products range from:
Toners, cleansers, face scrubs, face masks, creams, shampoos, body oils and eye creams. …

Dove body care

Hi friends how are you all? Ramadan Mubarak to all those that are celebrating 😊  Hope you are well. Sorry i havn't posted anything for a while. Have been busy with Ramadan, that it's kind of hard to keep up with blogging. But i will try my best to keep active & update all you lovlies with my interesting posts! 😊
Today's blogpost is about Dove body care. Dove as you know has been around for quite some time. They claim to be different. Dove contains 1/4 moisturising cream in their products which care for & cleanse your skin without drying it out. They don't only do bathing products, they do hair & skincare products aswell.
Dove has 3 varieties in skincare. They make products for normal, sensitive & mature skin.
The kinds of products that Dove make is:
●Hair oils
●Body Wash
●Deodorants (roll-ons & sprays)
●Body Creams
●Hair sprays
●Hand Cream
●Body Butters etc.

Dove products are suitable for all skin …

Ayumi Tumeric face wash

Hello everyone how are you? Hope you are well. Today i want to give you a quick update of a product that i picked up whilst out shopping yesterday. Its a facewash called Tumeric & Bergamot face wash by the company Ayumi.
This face wash is made with Natural ingredients like Tumeric which has anti-bacterial properties and Bergamot which is like a antioxident both of which help to clear blemishes & marks. It's a kind & gentle formula with conditioners to help your skin looking it's best! 😊
I bought this face wash from Tesco for £5.99

The hand cream was just something that i picked up as i needed it, my old hand cream was finished and needed a small one to keep in my handbag for on the go useage. This hand cream was also from tesco priced at £1.00
It's a small 25ml tube that's easy to carry conviniently in any purse, pocket or handbag. Enriched with vitamin E & Shea butter, this smooth creamy formula, nourishes & hydrates hands leaving them feeling sof…

Boutique make up

Hi friends how are you all? Hope you are well & enjoying the lovely hot summery weather we've been having these last few days. The heat at times is unbearable, uff! 😄 Today my blogpost is about a makeup range that is quite new and not many people are aware of it. It's a brand called Boutique by Sainsbury's. Yes, you read right, Sainsbury's.
Boutique make up range has only been launched a few years ago with good quality make up at pocket friendly prices. They have quite an extensive range of make up like lipsticks, lip pencils, blushers, nail polishes etc. All of their make up is well pigmented with a variety of colors. The quality of the products are very good as are the prices too.
I purchased 2 blushers from the range. One is a creamy blusher & the other a normal powder blusher. Both of these blushers cost £4.00 each. They even have fancy names aswell 😄

The light pink blusher is the powder blusher. It's called Happy go Lucky. It is a soft powdery blushe…

Mini haul

Hi guys hope you are all well. We've had some miserable weather for the past week, so i decided to do some shopping to cheer me up! Lol 😄 I popped into Sainsbury's to do some grocery shopping and picked up a few things to pamper myself with.
There was some bargains going on with many items on special offer so i couldn't resist myself picking up these beauties.
I got a bath cream by Imperial Leather called Love Story. Its a beautiful fuscia color bath cream with a lovely rosey fruity smell. Enriched with luxurious skin conditioners, it pampers and cares for your skin leaving it feeling soft & sensual.
The second item is  Palmer's Strong Roots spray. Formulated with Coconut oil & Vitamin E, this multi-purpose spray conditions hair & scalp to relieve itchyness, dry tight feeling scalp and helps to encourage hair growth aswell as condition & freshen hair in-between washes. This spray is a hair reviver that transforms dull looking hair and gives lustrous lo…

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid lipstick

Hi friends how are you? Hope you are well. Today im back with a new blogpost. Last friday i noticed a new lipstick range in Maybellines counter. They too have launched their own version of liquid lipstick. It's called Vivid Matte Liquid lipstick. At the moment they have 5 shades available.

These liquid lipsticks are smooth and have a velvety texture when applied to lips. They dry to a matte finish and last some time before rubbing off. Maximum wearing time i would say is approx 3-4 hours under normal wearing conditions. Priced at £4.99 each these liquid lipsticks are not too bad. Nicely pigmented & moisturising it's not too bad for a liquid lipstick.

I bought 2 shades from the range. I bought no 45 Posessed Plum & no 05 Nude Flush. Both of these cost me £4.99 each from Tesco. I like these as they are richly pigmented & don't feel as dry as most liquid lipsticks that dry & feel and look crackly.

Do you own any of these yet? What are your views on this? Leave…