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Mini haul pt 2

Hi friends, how are you all? Hope you are all well & enjoying the recent warm weather. At times it feels like a right scorcher! 🌞 Im back today with part 2 of my recent mini haul. Had quite a few products to review, so couldn't give the low down altogether! So I shall carry on now lol 😝

As you can see from my photo, there's a few items that i got from ebay that i want to review aswell.  Here are the items that i got: 
● Montagne Jeunesse Candyfloss scrub Face mask. 90p from Primark. ● Insette twin pack shower & shave mini cans. 49p from Bodycare. ● EOS Cherry Hand & body lotion. £2.99 from TK Maxx.  ● Berry Bliss mini perfume £2.00 from Primark. ● Beautiful mini perfume £2.00 from Primark. ●Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid matte lipstick from Ebay £3.99 shade# Vamp ● Mini flat Kabuki Brush £1.59 from Ebay.

Face masks are a fun and refreshing way of pampering your skin. I really like these montagne jeunesse face masks that come in so many cute varieties, you really …

Mini Haul April 2017

Hello my lovelies! Hope you are all well. Appologies again for missing. Was in a bit of a blunder! 😰 My mobile phone was in a state of mess. Had to get my nephew to fix up my phone, and many thanks to him for fixing it! 😙 Also got myself a new Kitten. She is just gorgeous! 😍 We name her Milly. She looks like a bengal cross. At the moment she is around 11 weeks old and soo adorable! 🐱 My family love her to bits & she also loves us back! I will introduce her to you on my next post. So look out for that! 😘

Anyways back to my blog. Because my phone was poorly, I havn't been able to edit my photos or do my blog. As I usually do this on my mobile. And to be honest, my mobile has taken over my life, literally! 😂 And i'm very sure we can ALL relate to this! 😝 Ok, so back to my post, today I will share a mini haul with you. Have picked up a few interesting items to review. Below is the items that i got:

♤ Bourjois Silk Edition Powder Compact £8.99 from Sainburys.
♡ Essie Nai…