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Hi everybody how are you all? Oh my gosh, it feels like a lifetime since my last blog. Well, what can i tell you all? I have been very busy since my last blog. Been inundated with lots of parties! Weddings, engagements, birthdays, House warming parties etc, etc. Been kept busy & on my toes most of the time! So since things have quietened down abit, thought that i would carry on with my blogging! So first things first! 
Today in my blog i want to give you some reviews of a new product that i have been trying out for a few weeks now. Im not sure if many people have been aware of it, but its a product called Dermacol that i have discovered on Instagram. Whilst Dermacol may have been around for some time, i have only just discovered it quite recently, & i must say i am Amazed at the beauty of this product. Dermacol Make up cover is a thick foundation like product that is designed to cover up tattoos and other unsightly blemishes such as rashes & burn marks. The beauty of this product is that it is concentrated & highly waterproof. 
Its thick creamy formula is so easily blendable & a little product goes a long way! Its available in over 15 various shades ( dependant on retailers ) & starting from as little as £4.89.  I bought 2 different shades from an ebay seller priced at £5.99 ( with free postage ) & must say i am very impressed with the staying power & high coverage. Its a gold color metal tube with 30g of product quantity in a black & pink box. When i saw this on Instagram, i was like i have to get this! I have very dark circles around my eyes & was desperate to find a concealer or foundation that would just make my dark circles disappear like magic! This product was like a god send for me, & i use it on special occasions when i need very good coverage.
Because i bought this blindly without really knowing my correct shade, i looked at some swatches to best get the shade most closest to my complexion. I am a medium-dark color so the shade that best matched me was 223. After recieving & testing out the color, it felt that it was exactly my skin color & wanted to get a shade that was slightly more lighter than my skin color so i got the next shade up which is 222. But i mixed the 2 shades together & now i have my perfect match! This product is versatile & can be used anywhere on the face and body safely. Its rich creamy formula means you use a tiny amount of the product to flawlessly cover up your blemishes. Now i feel relieved that i seem to have found a solution to covering up my dark circles & achieving natural looking flawlessly perfect skin.
Dermacol seems to be a very much in demand product, that gets sold ever so fast on ebay & amazon. I don't think Dermacol can be purchased in branded/designer outlets as i have not seen them anywhere before. Its mostly purchasable online. I am in love with Dermacol Make up Cover & thank them for making such a great product. It has boosted my confidence, and am recieving many compliments for my flawless looking skin. If you have not tried this before, i recommend you give it a try & can gurantee you too will fall in love with it! Many sellers on Ebay & Amazon are selling sample pots so you can try out to check for the correct color for your skin shade before you buy a full tube.
So guys, i hope my pictures will convince you that this is a miracle product & not a ordinary foundation. Even you will be impressed!  :)


  1. Hi What's your shade in Mac ?am NC40 what shade should I buy 222 or 223?

  2. Hi Becky, thanks for your comment. Sorry for the late reply. Im still trying to work out how to use blogger, lol.
    To be honest, i havn't really used much mac make up, but when i went to my local store, the shop assistant tried on shade NC42 on me. It was ok, but it kind of looked yellowish on me. I think because it was around summer time, when my skin was a bit tanned, so it was kind of hard to choose the exact shade for me. But i think maybe NC 40 would've also been ok for me.
    And as for Dermacol, i think 222 would better suit you, as 223 in Mac would be shade NC43/44 ish.
    Hope that answers your question. Good luck :)

  3. Hi so my question is for nc42 would you get 223? It looks a bit ashy in the pictures so I was just wondering ? Thank you!!

  4. Hi Patty. In regards to your question about nc 42. I have tried both 223 & 222. To be honest. 222 is light on its own & 223 is quite dark on its own too. So i mixed in equal quantities the 2 colors in a pot and custom made my own nc42 shade, making it perfect for my skin tone. Maybe you might want to try that, and see if it suits you any better rather than just using each color on its own. Because there is another shade no#218 which is basically the 222 & 223 mixed together as a single color. But its hard to find the 218 thats why i mixed it & made my own shade. Also the plus thing about it is that its affordable, so you can afford to get 2 shades to experiment with. Hope that helps :)

  5. Hi if i am mac nc45 which shade would be best for me

  6. I am also a NC45. Which shade would be best for me.

  7. I use NC 20 in MAC WHAT COLOR WOULD I be in dermocol.

  8. I'm 2nd 35 please help what color would I be in dermacol?


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