My Jewellery Haul 😍

Hi dear readers, how are you all? Hope you are all well. Today I want to share a different kind of post with you. Usually all i ever talk about is make up, because i loooveee Make up! 😄 So I thought i'd be a bit different and talk about something else. So today's post is about Jewellery. Everyone likes Jewellery, silver, Gold, sparkley, antique, pearl etc, etc. Jewellery doesn't always have to be worn on occasions only, people wear it for adornment. It makes people feel special, pretty or fashionable 💘
So in my post I will show you some jewellery pieces that i have collected over a while that I really like 😍

The 1st item is the diamond necklace set. This i got from Ebay for £2.60.
It's a beautiful diamond set consisting of a necklace & a pair of matching earrings. This is a very nice small set that looks elegant with any outfit. It's very comfortable to wear and enhances your look. The price was amazing and it came within 20 days of ordering. The design is lovely and sparkles so much. I really like this cute diamond necklace set 👌

Next is a diamond bracelet. This gorgeous bracelet is so pretty and is so universal, that it compliments any garment that you wear. Comfortable to wear and does not snag. This bracelet was £4.99 from Claires. I got this a few months ago to wear to a party. And it look amazing! 💘

Another beautiful piece is the Gold beaded 3 row necklace. This was from Ebay for £4.99 under asian jewellery. This is a light weight 3 row gold beaded necklace that looks so beautiful when teamed with asian outfits. It's so light weight and comfortable to wear, and almost looks like real 22 carat indian gold! This design is an imitation of what you would see on display in the indian gold shops. It looks so realistic, and will get you many compliments! 😙

But now I will show you the real show stopper! I have saved the best till last! 💋

This is one of my most favourite, favourite pieces of all time! It is such a stunning set, i went crazy to buy it! And when you see it, even you will be awe stuck! 😍
So this piece of jewellery is a stunning set of a large necklace and a pair of matching earrings. It is so beautiful, that no one will be able to take their eyes off you when you wear it. That is how gorgeous it is! It's a light weight diamond dazzling necklace, with earrings to match that will look so beautiful with a off the shoulder black dress. It's very comfortable to wear, and the striking design will virtually go with any beautiful gown or dress and steal the limelight! 💘 I bought this set from a shopping channel called Yasmin Iman on the t.v for £19.99. The set came within 3 days of ordering and as soon as I opened the box, it literally just blew me away! So many people have complimented me on my necklace set, but I didn't tell them where and how much i had bought it for, as it was an absolute bargain!! 👌 I sooo love this set! 😍💘💋 and am so happy I have got my hands on it!


So friends, this was my collection of recent Jewellery Haul. Beautiful, classic and timeless pieces of jewellery that look good on almost everyone and are great looking aswell as amazing prices! 🖒

I hope you all enjoyed my collection 😊

Hope to be back again soon with another exciting post ( hopefully! 🤗 )   So until next time, take care & stay beautiful!  xXxXx


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