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Hello dear readers, how are you all? Hope you are keeping well. The start of the summer holidays are here, and so far i have a feeling the holidays will zoom by so quick! 🤔
Maybe i'm worrying that I won't be able to do anything, or maybe i'm just over reacting lol 😄
Anyways, today's post is about some make up brushes that I have been buying over the last 2-3 months. I have been needing to buy some brushes, while some are just so pretty, you have to end up buying it whether you need it or not! 😄
But the question is, are some brushes worth the value, or can cheap ones do just as well??
Well to be honest, some brands are rip offs, and some are really good, and cheap ones are good for a while, and are easily ( and cheaply ) replaceable aswell as equally if not better than the original brand brushes! 🤑 I've found some cheap brushes do a very good job in applying make up, and have lasted me a long time, as in over 3 years! And I feel as though money has been well spent! 🤗
Anyways back to my blog. I have recently been obsessed with make up brushes of all sorts & have bought some on ebay over the last few months. These lot were just too irresistable to not buy, and after seeing them live, I am so glad bought them 😍

So as you can see from the photo, these are the 3 brushes that I bought from ebay recently.

♡ Gradient Fish Make up Brush. From Ebay £1.99

♡ Mini Contour Blending Brush. £1.39 from Ebay.

♡ 6 pack Rainbow multi Make up Brush set. From Ebay £3.99

♡ Make up Holder/Cosmetic Organiser. Clear (acrylic) From Tiger stores. £4.00

This fish design make up brush is soo pretty! 😍Saw some people using this on Instagram, and instantly wanted one myself! When I searched on Ebay, there were so many colors & designs to choose from. Aswell as the varying prices, this was the cheapest I found at £1.99. I just couldn't resist it any longer, and wanted to get my hands on it as soon as possible! 😄 It came within a week of ordering,and the color of this brush just blew me away! It's a mettalic finish of blue to pink. This is an eye catcher, and will brighten up your make up routine! 😙

Next is this Contour blending brush. This is also from Ebay and came within 15/20 days of ordering as it was shipped from China. I have the same Brush in a larger size. That too was from Ebay, and wanted to get a smaller brush that could be held easily, yet do a great job of make up application. This brush looks like the one i got recently from Primark. The bristles on this are much softer, than that of the Primark one. It feels smooth and soft on my face, butI would'nt really be using this for contouring as the bristles don't hold up too well. But rather it's ideal for applying blusher, highlighter & face powder. But it's not too bad of a product as I can make some use of it! 🤗

This Acrylic Make up holder/Organiser is a handy item that sits beautifully on your vanity table. ❤ With the amount of make up I have stashed away, only makes sense I get a nice pretty holder/organiser in which to store all my make up to keep them neat & tidy! 🤗

Lastly these Make up brushes were a steal for the price! 😍 These gorgeous Rainbow 6 pack make up brushes are a great starter kit for anyone. With 6 assorted brushes, you can do loads of make up looks with these and the stunning design will look fancy in your make up bag! The soft bristles will make light work of blending. And you will be the envy of your friends with your sparkly rainbow brushes! 👌


So friends, this is the end of my blog. Do you own any of these kind of brushes or anything similar? What are your thoughts? Do you like your brushes or have any bad experiences of them? Why not share your views and comment below? Would love to hear from you all 😊

I'll be back again soon with another interesting post, so keep in touch and on the lookout for my next post. Until next time, take care and stay Beautiful! 😙❤🖒 xXxXx


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