Barbra Daly Make Up Review

Hello my lovely readers, how are you all? Hope you are keeping well 🤗 Sorry for being inactive for a time, I have not been too well for quite some time. My family has been ill one by one, and now its my turn 😔 Still on the road to recovery. This weather is not helping either. We seem to have a long spell of winter this year, and with snow popping it's head out here and there, feels like the cold is just dragging on and on! ⛄ Well anyway i'm back now and hope to blog some more interesting posts for you.
So from the title you can see it's a product review and without wasting any time, I shall continue! 😊
I got some make up products from Tesco a few months ago. It's a make up brand by Tesco called Barbra Daly. They used to sell their make up line before instore but for quite some time it's been discontinued now, and they've removed their brand make up completely off the shelves now. But recently I saw a shelf of their discontinued make up back again, and it was reduced as they were just selling them off at a really low price of just £2 each! 😲 Seeing this, I got my hands on a few pieces of make up items. 5 items for £10 literally for just £2 each! 😄 And because I've used Tesco make up before, so I know I was getting a good bargain! Here is a pic of the items that I got!

♧ Beyond Skin Facial Oil 15ml £2.00
♧ Natural face base Tinted Moisturiser 30ml in shade #Cream 2 £2.00
♧ Mono Eyeshadow in shade # Espresso £2.00
♧ Cream blusher in shade #Praline £2.00
♧ BD trade secrets Mattifying base Oil free Foundation 30ml in shade #Tan 7 £2.00


The Natural face base Tinted Moisturiser is a nice moisturiser. It is of decent quality and has many shades. The tinted moisturiser has a slight shimmer to it, very subtle that gives a even glow and complexion. The good thing about it is that it feels comfortable on the skin, no dryness, and that slight shimmer gives it the anti-fatigue effect 👌

I really like the Mattifying Foundation. The color and texture of this foundation is really nice. Feels so soft on my face and the color suits me perfectly. The formula is Oil free so it won't clog my pores 😊 and lasts upto 8 hours of flawless wear.

The next item i reviewed was the Beyond skin facial oil. This is a good product, as it helps to moisturise my skin especially before make up application. It moisturised well in my dry patches and also helped to make my make up stay put. This oil made my skin very soft and smooth. This product really packs a punch! ❤

The last two products are the mono eyeshadow and Cream blusher. The eyeshadow is a beautiful shade of brown. It has shimmery highlights and a velvety texture. Really like this color, gives a effortless smokey eye look! 😍
The Creamy Blusher is the perfect kind of blusher for me. It's a gorgeous color that goes nicely with my skin color. It's creamy and hydrating and blends well.

As for all of these products at £2 each, I have got myself full face products for only £10 making it a super bargain! 😘

                           💎 🍥 💎 🍥 💎

So guys, this is the end of my Barbra Daly make up review. Hope you liked reading it. Do you own any of these products? If so, what are your thoughts on them? Leave your lovely comments below! 🖒

So until next time my lovelies, take care & Stay Beautiful! 😘❤ xXxXx


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