Tesco Beauty Bargains! 👌🏼

Hello my dear readers, how are you all? It's been a long time and i'm sorry for being absent! I have been busy with alot of things, putting off writing my blog! 😔 Hope to carry on with what I love!
Today's blog is about some great beauty bargains that I have found in Tesco. Yepp, you read right! Whilst doing my grocery shopping in Tesco, I have come across some great finds that I am so excited to share with you all 🤗 Take a look below to see what I got!

• Garnier Skin Active Refreshing Botanical Toner with Aloe Vera. 250ml £2.00
• Tesco Soleil Sensitive skin fragrance free Sun Protection Lotion. 300ml 50spf £5.00
• Cetaphil face & body moisturising cream 100ml  £6.00
• ORS Hair Repair Coconut oil & Baobab Hair oil.  127ml from Tesco. £3.49
• Olay Daily Facial in a Box cleansing cloths. 30 sheets £2.50
• Femfresh Intimate wipes 10 pack handy/travel pack. £1.00


Ok, so first up.... I got this garnier toner & tesco's sun lotion. Whilst Summer 🌞 is a hot, sticky season, it's also the season for us to be taking extra care with our skin. This Garnier's botanical aloe vera toner is gentle & refreshing for my skin. The heat can make our skin dehydrate, so this toner is ideal to cleanse & tone my skin at the same time. I love using this to cool my face & neck when i get hot & sweaty. Instantly refreshes my skin & makes me feel cool & hydrated 🤗

This Soleil Sun lotion by Tesco is an absolute must! 💖 Lately we have been having some very hot weather in the UK, and the importance of applying sun protection couldn't be any more important than it already is! 😓
Tesco's soleil sun lotion is ideal for me, as it is high in sun protection factor, aswell as suitable for sensitive skin, which is just what I have! Fragrance & color free, this sun lotion will deeply protect my skin and also be kind to my skin too with no irritants. Brilliant! 🤗

Next is these two beauties! The hot weather is seriously drying my hair out, making it feel like straw! 😖 with constant hair washing, my hair is losing nutrients that shampoo & conditioner alone cannot provide. Oiling the hair occasionally does wonders for your hair. It nourishes & conditions the hair, reduces split ends, gives hair a lustruous shine and soothes dry itchy scalps. This Hair repair oil by Ors is a miracle oil. I like using this oil normally aswell as a hot oil treatment. It's amazing formula contains Coconut and Baobab oils, both rich in nutrients, that enrich every single strand of hair, making it full of life & bounce! 💖 Do give this oil a try, you wont be disappointed! 👍🏼

Dry skin in the summer can make your skin look dull & irritated. Keeping it well moisturised will prevent rashes & help to avoid chafing. My number one moisturiser is Aveeno, but Cetaphil is another favourite on the list! 👌🏼 Like Aveeno, Cetaphil is also specially formulated for Sensitive dry skin. I feel my skin is more hydrated with Aveeno, but Cetaphil is just as good. It's a little lighter in moisturisation, but still does a good job. I didn't find my Aveeno lotion in Tesco, thats why I got this as a alternative. Not a bad choice, as i'm happy with the overall results 😊

Intimate hygiene is something that we often forget about or feel embarrased to mention. Feeling fresh & confident boosts a woman's self esteem by at least 75%! 🤗 I like carrying a pack of these intimate wipes with me. Keeps me feeling fresh & hygienic on the go. This handy pack is ideal for travel or in your handbag 👜

The last item is this beauty gem! Omg, what can I say about this?! Olay has done a great job on this facial cleansing cloths 😍 This daily facial in a box cleansing cloths are just amazing! A soft gentle weaved cloth that already has a cleasing solution applied to the cloth. Just needs to be activated by wetting the cloth a little in water, and rubbing it between your fingers to gently foam the cloth. Then in circular motions cleanse your face to remove make up and impurities, revealing beautifully soft fresh clean skin! 👌🏼 These cloths are so gentle on my skin, the conditioners leave my face feeling visibly softer & smoother! 😘 At £2.50 a box with 30 cloths, these really pamper my skin and I just love the smell of them! 💖 A skin treat with a difference! 😉


So guys, this is the end of my blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Do you own any of these products? What are your thoughts on them? Do you like it or not? Why not share your experiences in the comments box below? Would be nice to hear from you 🤗

Anyways as usual, I am signing off and will be back again soon with another great post!
Until then, take care & stay beautiful! 😘💖👍🏼 xXxXx


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