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Hi friends! How are you all? Hope you are grabbing your Boxing day bargains! Today all the shops will be havoc, as there will be eager shoppers hoping to make the most of the boxing day sales! 😄
Talking of which, today i went out of town to Milton Keynes. I went to the Centre MK which also had Intu MK. The Centre MK is located in Milton Keynes, which has 2 massive shopping centres adjacent to each other. Typically you would at least need 1 whole day to entirely visit every single shop within the centre! 😄
The Centre MK has practically every well known shop in there that are familiar with young & old people alike. There's a huge variety of stores in there like electrical shops, jewellry shops, gadget shops, toys, bookstores, food, clothing etc etc! The list goes on, you will be amazed at how many shops that are actually in the two centres combined! 😥
If you ever do visit, trust me you will never ever get bored as there are always so many shops opening and closing, so every visit will be an exciting one!👍 But my favourite parts of Centre MK is the massive outdoor market selling everything under the sun at fantastic prices & the relaxing outdoor area which is most remarkable at summer time. 😍

Anyways back to the point, whilst I was at the centre MK, i wasn't really shopping for anything in particular, but when i visited Boots, i must admit I went in a bit of a frenzy! 😝 Everywhere i looked, there was nothing but Makeup!! So many brands of make up & even more choice with a huge selection of colors that the smaller Boots stores don't have! My mind was going crazy and i felt like buying the whole shop! The names of Smashbox, NyX, Elizabeth Arden, Clinique, etc, etc was enough to take my breath away! 😉
And so i gave into my whims and ended up purchasing the much raved about Nyx make up brand lipglosses.

As you can see in the picture, i bought 3 lip products & 1 concealer. The concealer is of full coverage and in the shade medium. It's a creamy concealer in a small jar, that effectively covers dark under eye circles & other imperfections.
The lip products are of 3 kinds with 3 different finishes. In the picture they all look more or less the same in color, but it's the finish that seperates them from each other.


The newest collection is the Nyx lingerie & suede liquid lipsticks. The Lingerie collection is a set of nudes & pinks kind of imitated by the Kylie Jenner lip kit collections. 

But I chose a shade from the Suede collection rather than lingerie. I'm more of a dark colors person rather than nudes. The shade i bought is called Vintage. It's a beautiful browny red shade with a hint of purple. The color itself is gorgeous, and the packaging is ok. The formula is a smooth one, that does not feel too dry on the lips and lasting duration is not too bad either.  There are other colors available, like emerald green, orange, grey, & purple, besides other colors.

This one is called Intense butter gloss, in the shade Chocolate crepe. The lipgloss is so smooth & creamy. It's a rich non drying formula, that glides on easily and is richly moisturising! 👌 The shades in this range are very nice. This color is summoned to a mauvish-pink & is a gorgeous color as a nude.

Next is this beautiful shade! This is the Soft matte lip cream. This lip product is neither a lipgloss or a liquid lipstick. It's like 2 products mixed in one tube, but with a totally different finish! It's so smooth and creamy, yet so nourishingly matte that doesn't even feel dry. It's so comfortable on the lips, feels like velvet! Just don't know how to describe it, but all I can say is that it feels divine on the lips! There is a huge color selection for these. Budapest is a beautiful chocolate brown with shades of maroon that look seductively delicious! 💖

The Liquid Suede is priced at £6.50 a tube. The Soft matte lip cream & intense butter gloss are both priced at £5.50 each.
And as for the concealer, that is priced at £5.50 although prices may vary slightly accross different retailers.

No# 1: Nyx Liquid Suede in shade Vintage.
No# 2: Nyx Intense Butter lipgloss in shade Chocolate Crepe. 
No# 3: Nyx Soft matte Lip cream in shade Budapest.

So friends that was my review on Nyx make up. I hope you enjoyed reading it. 
Do you have any of these? What are your favourite color? Or colors? I've just told you mines! 😉 

So until next time my lovlies, take care & stay Beautiful! 😙💖 xXxXx 


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