Too Faced Love Eyeshadow Palette 😊

Hello my dear readers, how are you all? Hope you are fine fit & healthy! 😊 I have been busy sorting stuff out. Lately i've becone a hoarder! Over the last 6/7 months have done so much shopping, stuffing things in bags here & there. Running out of storage space! 😕 Really need to be sorting my things out. Either I keep what I keep, give away what I don't need and sell what I can sell. Otherwise there will be so much clutter everywhere!! 😖

Anyways, today's post is about an eyeshadow palette that I got recently. It's the Too Faced Love eyeshadow palette from TK Maxx. This was retailing for £14.99. This palette is gorgeous! The colors of the shades are beautiful, and the waterproof eye pencil included in the palette, is also a great product.  The eyeshadow palette comes in a cardboard box. Inside the palette there are fifteen gorgeous shades. Each one highly pigmented. There is also waterproof eye pencil in a black shade. The pencil is smooth & creamy, and application glides on like a dream.
There are also 3 user guides inside the box, each showing 3 different looks to compliment every eye color 😍

I really like this palette alot, because it has my kind of shades. Nowadays it's my 'go to ' palette.  Theres a mix of shimmer, glitter & matte colors, ready to take you from a to night. The rich color payoff is very desirable and you can create so many different looks with this 1 palette, aswell as having a go at the guides included. I checked online the normal retail price, and the prices seem to vary between each retailers. But the price I paid for this was by far the cheapest  and lowest. So I made a great saving, well pleased with my palette 💖🤗

I have posted pictures above & below to show you how the palette looks like and the intensity of the colors, so do take a look.

Do you have this palette? What do you think of it? Do you think its worth the money? Are you satisfied with the color selection? Do leave your comments below and let me know what your thoughts are on this love palette.

So until next time, take care & stay beautiful! 😙💖 xXxXx


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