Renovation Update 23 October 2016

Hello my wonderful friends, how are you all? Hope you are keeping well. I havn't posted anything for a bit so thought I will blog about something different for a change. As you all know i am having my whole house renovated, and all i can say is that everything is a MESS!! Yes that's right, a very big mess, with dirt & dust flying around everywhere!! 😄 But now slowly slowly my house is starting to get back to normal. Well kind of... My house is almost done, the plastering & painting is almost done, about another few more days of work, but the real struggle is my kitchen.
I am currently out of a kitchen at the moment, so im waiting... Patiently 😄 for my kitchen units to arrive, which will take about a week or so to come,  and until then i will have to struggle & make do somehow! 😡
I'm excited about the finished look, but honestly speaking i'm also exhausted aswell at the same time. Constantly having to reposition things & clean up here & there aswell as take care of kids & household things is getting me tired! 😧 But at least the major things are done & dusted so it's not too bad. Renovating a house is hard business especially when you're living in it aswell. It's ok when it's empty as there is no furniture to move or people living there, but when it's accomodated, it's really tough. And i'm really feeling the struggle which is wearing me out! 😷 But luckily it's finishing soon and i cant wait to have my house back to normal! The real headache starts when you have to properly clean up the aftermath, lol 😄
Oh well, it will all be worth it when all is done so can't complain too much! So i will leave you with some photos of my house disaster to enjoy, lol 😃

Until next time folks, take care & stay beautiful! 😙💖 xXx


  1. Renovating a home is hard work! I love the white kitchen cabinets, and the kitchen framing. Makes the kitchen look bright and airy. Once your appliances arrive and you get the rest of the room painted and renovated its going to look like a whole new space, and you'll have a sense of pride, and accomplishment, knowing you did it yourself.

  2. Hi Essie. Thank you for your lovely comments. Sorry about the late reply, as im not all that familiar yet with Blogger. Still learning, lol.
    Yes you are right, it sure was hard work! But im so glad the effort was worth it! The kitchen is the heart of the home. And when your comfortable with your surroundings, it makes you feel at ease. Im in love with my new kitchen makeover. Definately looks much more stylish now aswell as being upto date. The white units weren't exactly dingy, they just went out of fashion, and was quite old, over 18 years old.
    I did like the fact that white made my kitchen look big & bright, but a color change isn't too bad of an idea. I've got grey units now,and it's in a glossy finish. But the worst of it is all over now, so i can relax & enjoy my home! :)


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